What is important about this work is combining speedy development with reliability.
Seize an opportunity to shape the future of mobility.

Connected Systems R&D Dept.

Makiko Tauchi


Q1. Career history

In graduate school I had the opportunity to participate in specialized artificial intelligence (AI) research to uncover the best combination of personality types needed for cohesive teamwork. I accomplished this by assigning personality traits, such as “active” and “gentle,” to robots, and then observing how they interacted and worked together. After I graduated, I joined DENSO hoping to be able to deliver this type of analytical thinking to uncover solutions - and smiles - for people around the world.

Q2. Current work

As a DENSO engineer, I was involved in the development of the LEXUS cockpit system, and planned and commercialized a product that enabled drivers to remotely control a large dashboard display. To further broaden my horizons, I became involved in the MaaS Project in 2016. The MaaS Project is an initiative to create a safer and more comfortable mobile society by combining advanced technologies beyond the conventional framework of vehicles. Our research included visits to locations around the world to explore perspectives of society, technology and consumers, and to then quickly turn our ideas into viable solutions.

Q3. Future challenges

Currently, I am working to develop a MaaS platform that connects mobility with services, which requires the integration of onboard electronics and cloud technology. But, automotive manufacturing and IT exist in different cultures. The speed of development is different. The design process is different. Even the languages used for each are different. It is important to release new technologies quickly, with safety as our priority. How can we guarantee safety and reliability, while developing new technologies as quickly as our competitors around the world? That is among our challenges. As we shift from monozukuri (manufacturing) to kotozukuri (value creation), we have big opportunities to produce solid outcomes despite the challenges.
I have a truly fulfilling professional and personal life. In my private time, I am immersed in music, playing in a band with my friends. I also have obtained a qualification in macrobiotics (a diet based on brown rice).