DENSO in Indonesia

DENSO in Indonesia

1975 established

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Being your partner over 40 years

PT DENSO Indonesia is a manufacturing company of automotive-electric products and also as a Foreign Capital Investment Venture between private enterprises of Japan and their Indonesia counter parts which produce spark plug, car & bus air conditioner, magneto and another 14 products

5,349 employees among 3 plants

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Spirit of development

DENSO Indonesia have 5,349 employees among 3 plants (Sunter & Bekasi). Combining by locals and expatriates with excellent skill and continuous development, we have a commitment to always make good products

Family Concept

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We are not just an employee but also a family

Make a family concept as a pillar to create a comfortable working environment & enhance the way we cherish each other in every aspects. Grow up together with our employees in a positive atmosphere, the bond which is realized in cooperation with the family spirit has contributed significantly for the company's progress and welfare of employees. We nurture of what we call family concept through communication from the heart, sharing information and activities to strengthen the power of a reliable great team.


DENSO CSR in Indonesia

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DENSO CSR activities in Indonesia


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In PT DENSO Indonesia and PT DENSO Sales Indonesia (“DENSO Indonesia), we do recognize the importance of operating businesses with the highest ethical standard and integrity as well as compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; among others, Anti-Corruption Laws. With this company’s stance, the company has adopted a zero-tolerance approach in our efforts to prevent corruption in our business dealings and strongly require our directors, officers, employees, stakeholders and also business partners to fully comply with this direction when performing any work, business transactions or contractual obligations with DENSO Indonesia and/or on behalf of DENSO Indonesia.

Message from DENSO Indonesia President on Anti-Corruption Policy

Message from DENSO Sales Indonesia President on Anti-Corruption Policy

Whistleblowing System

The company believes that our business achievements and sustainability and good governance can be built by the trust and cooperation from our directors, officers, employees, stakeholders and also business partners.

Any misconduct, violation or suspected unethical behavior is a serious impediment to our good governance. Thus, a whistleblowing system is created to enable our business partners and any other third parties to speak up any misconduct or any suspected unethical behaviors including corruption and violation of laws or regulations as committed by DENSO Indonesia and our employees or stakeholders. The whistleblower will be protected and all information received from a good faith whistleblower will be kept confidential and managed appropriately under the Whistleblowing Policy of DENSO Indonesia.

DENSO INDONESIA Whistleblowing Policy

DENSO Sales INDONESIA Whistleblowing Policy