QR Code – Invented by DENSO, Our technology use during COVID-19 pandemic

Aug. 12, 2021

DENSO Innovation - QR Code

Few people know that DENSO name is behind this two-dimensional QR Code technology. In 1994 DENSO Wave developed QR Code invented by Masahiro Hara, originally with the intention to make manufacturing operations more efficient.

However, DENSO decided to make the technology license-free in order to encourage the use by as many people as possible, DENSO released QR Code for general use and nowadays used in many countries all over the world. 8th August marked the 27th anniversary of QR Code.

Our QR Code technology use during pandemic
" COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate "

India began the Vaccination programme for the mass immunisation process against Coronavirus on 16 January 2021.
Once the COVID-19 vaccination is completed, as per a new feature on COVID-19 Vaccine intelligence platform (Co-WIN), the Certificate is issued to the citizens as proof of vaccination. 

The Vaccination Certificate has a secure QR Code to protect it against falsification because code will contain all the requisite information about the individual. The QR Code is linked to the person’s mobile number and it can be saved in mobile phone directly.
It will be able to allow people to travel across the world beyond pandemic near future.

Safe environment by QR Code in COVID-19 pandemic

QR Codes spread across the globe and use during COVID-19 pandemic. 
A safer environment is most important in our life during pandemic. Support to build up safety daily life and can be used in many different ways by Restaurants and other small businesses. QR Codes will be essential for our life that bring us Peace of Mind. 

Touchless payment with QR Code ;

Touchless payment with QR Code  by mobile phone support social distancing, reducing any physical contact with shop staff and It's stress flee for the customers. Comply with COVID-19 regulations and promote public health and safety.

QR Code for Menu in Restaurant ;

Customers can access Menu information from the QR Code using their own Smartphone or Tablet. QR Code-based contactless food ordering service will provide safe dining environment and can be reduced risk of contact infection by paper menus.

RT-PCR test report with QR Code for travellers ;

Health and well-being while travelling is important. The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has now mandated QR Code on negative RT-PCR test report. The Airline operators accept only those passengers who are carrying a negative test report with QR Code for boarding.


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