A DENSO's regional headquarters for Asia & Oceania performing business administration including Research & Development

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To be regional headquarters for Asia & Oceania operations undertaking business administration, research & development of auto parts products, and focusing on 3 main tasks as follows:

1. Perform business administration for DENSO Group companies in Asia & Oceania; act as a center of Business Planning, Accounting, Legal, Procurement, Human Resources, Personel Training, Information System, Material Engineering, Production Control and Service.

2. Perform shared service for Thai DENSO Group companies; accommodate and promote business efficiency of manufacturing Group Companies in such function as General Affairs, Accounting, Public Relations, Logistics, etc.

3. Undertake research and development of auto parts products and technologies from prototypes to actual manufacturing to serve customer's demand in Asia & Oceania region.

Established 2007
Main Business Field Regional headquarters for Asia Design and development of automotive components

888 Moo 1, Bangna-Trad Km. 27.5,T. Bangbo, A. Bangbo,Samutprakarn 10560, Thailand

TEL +66-2315-9500(KEY NO.)
FAX +66-2315-9559
Key Management Mr. Shingo Kuwamura,
CEO & President
Mr. Naoto Inuzuka,
Executive Vice President
DENSO Ownership 100%

About DENSO Training Academy (Thailand)

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AddressAmata City Chonburi 700/87 Moo 1, Bangna-Trad Rd., KM.57, T.Bankao, A.Panthong, Chonburi 20160, Thailand
TEL+66 (0) 3821 4649, +66 (0) 3821 4651-4
FAX+66 (0) 3821 4656, +66 (0) 3821 4660
Roles & Responsibilities1. First overseas regional training center.
2. Introduce the various training class for entry-level associates and practical training in manufacturing, conversation, maintenance, safety and technical skills, plus courses and disciplinary training regarding management.