Nebojša Cvetković of DENSO Germany Connects Tech, People Around Globe

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Nebojša (Nesh) Cvetković
Director of Connected Services 

Joined DENSO in 2004, Nesh gained extensive sales experience working on sales teams in Belgium and North America. In North America, specializing in developing long-term strategies for advanced mobility, AD/ADAS, and cockpit domains. 

He is currently leading the development of new businesses and services in the EU, particularly emphasizing emerging industries beyond the core automotive sector.

Where he works
Connected Services

Based in Eching, Germany, Nesh oversees the Connected Services Department at DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH.
The Connected Services Team acts as intrapreneurs that initiate new businesses from the ground up. The process starts with recognizing an issue, ideating a solution, crafting a plan, and, ultimately, delivering a product. 

Diversity is a must-have, not a nice-to-have

I always aim to have cultural, gender, and experience mix in my team as a must-have, not nice to have. No matter where we operate, the diverse backgrounds enrich the output and provide an opportunity for mutual learning daily, privately, and professionally. In nearly 20 years, I have never worked in a team with no diversity. 
I lived in 7 countries: Serbia, Croatia, Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, USA, and Germany. For my work at DENSO, I worked in three different countries (Belgium, USA, and Germany), and all of them, with their unique culture of country and team, taught me a lot and made me who I am today. I could not manage Global projects, customers, and teams without this. I would not be who I am today without exposure to diversity.

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Working within the team is always a source of comfort for me

No matter how challenging our job content may be, we take solace in our ability to work together. 
Each team member contributes unique strengths, and witnessing their growth and dedication daily brings me great pleasure.

The Connected Services team now leads a last-mile cargo e-bike cold chain delivery product development. It involves global cross-functional teams from Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Japan, and Germany. Externally, connecting with new partners and customers with pre-mature products and technology and, internally, getting through a maze of internal processes and stakeholders in areas beyond traditional DENSO product competencies.

Dealing with complex and ever-changing nature 

When business strategies and processes are not aligned, they can be seen as going against the flow and may have negative consequences. Predicting the pace of adoption in the market and meeting technical requirements is complex and requires constant product evolution. Dependence on eco-system partners who face their obstacles adds to the complexity. Dealing with the ever-changing nature of these factors has become the new normal for me, both as a challenge and an opportunity.

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We recently launched product pilots in the EU market with our customers using prototypes we designed based on our ideas. Our partners and customers were able to evaluate the prototypes in the field, not just in the lab, and educate their customers about the real value we can offer.

My role was to manage a virtual cross-functional team in an unfamiliar market for DENSO. Giving each contributor full ownership fostered a culture of trust at individual and team levels. This allowed individuals to take risks confidently, knowing they had their peers' support and backing when needed.

Implementing DENSO’s principle of customer satisfaction through quality products and services.

My greatest motivation comes from the opportunity to contribute, develop, evolve daily, and be part of constant progress. This is also reflected in how I work every day, where I connect ideas and help shape the future.
In the Connected Services Department, we have the expertise to build new businesses from the ground up. To successfully achieve this goal, I believe two vital skills are essential: (1) Confidence in oneself, which means having the courage to move forward, and (2) Accountability, which means taking ownership of one's actions, regardless of positive or negative outcomes.

On top of that, with DENSO’s value of customer and quality focus in mind, we commit to delivering what we say we will. Maintaining this mindset is essential not just as a brand recognized in the market but as our culture and identity.

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Q. What do you like about DENSO?

At DENSO, mutual support is a core value that transcends formal organizational structures.

This unique aspect of our company culture extends beyond departments, country borders, and regions. Once you become a part of our team, you can trust that your colleagues will always be there to lend a helping hand when needed.

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Comment from an associate who knows him well

Julia Kaspar
Business Development Specialist of Connected Services at DENSO in Germany

During his multiple assignments at DENSO, Nesh gained a lot of valuable experiences that he brings into the team. Nesh has been managing Connected Services for several years, and I have had the opportunity to work with him since his first day of this assignment. 

As the Connected Services team is based in Eching and Helsinki, we mainly have to collaborate digitally. Nesh managed to create an open and trustful environment, which is highly valued by the team. He naturally brings a strategic view, professional engagement, and open communication style.