Employee Spotlights

Legacy Employee/Associate Spotlight: Dwayne Taylor

We are so grateful for the people who make careers for themselves at DENSO. These individuals repeatedly show the values key to DENSO Spirit -- foresight, credibility and collaboration -- and continually strive to make DENSO a great place to work, all while delivering exemplary service to our customers and communities.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of DENSO’s longest-serving associates/employees. They’ll share what drew them to DENSO and more importantly, why they’ve stayed.

Meet Dwayne Taylor. Dwayne first joined DENSO’s Southfield, Mich. location back in 1986!

Dwayne says he was initially attracted to DENSO because the products we were creating looked advanced and interesting. When he first started, we were sharing office space with a drive-thru bank! That’s hard to believe when you think about the size of our campus now. Our Technical Center building in Southfield was completed a few months after Dwayne joined and we moved operations there. 

Dwayne also says that DENSO’s commitment to quality, advanced technology, and its employees/associates is what’s made him stay all these years. He says over the years while the methods have changed, the company has grown both locally and globally, and the industry has adapted to the changing market, DENSO’s commitment to these areas has remained strong. 

One of Dwayne’s favorite memories from his time at DENSO was the opportunity to work as an expat in Japan. Living and working in Japan gave him and his family a whole new appreciation for what life is like in and outside of Japan and it’s an experience they really enjoyed and will never forget.

For prospective DENSO associates/employees, Dwayne advises to always put forth your best effort, take advantage of opportunities to learn, and recognize that DENSO strives to offer the best in every sense of the word. He also notes that DENSO is a strong and stable global company and opportunities exist to gain experience abroad - plus it’s a great team to be a part of!

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