DENSO New Hire Spotlight: Jami Carpenter

Welcome to the team, Jami Carpenter! Jami recently joined DENSO’s North American team as a Production Control Specialist and is ready to put her strong work ethic into practice.

“I’m driven to want to do a good job,” said Jami. “I always want to learn and expand my capabilities into new areas, and I feel that DENSO creates great opportunities for me to do so.”

Jami became a DENSO associate just as businesses across North America started adapting to combat the effects of COVID-19. While this created new challenges, Jami said that the most important thing to her was that she felt safe working at her facility.

“I think DENSO is doing a great job at following all of the proper guidelines under the current circumstances. The temperature checks and mask requirements make me feel like it’s safe to walk into work every day.”

Even though it took some extra time to get onboarded remotely, Jami saw DENSO working hard to make her feel connected throughout the experience. Programs like Microsoft Teams and Web Ex have made her team meetings seamless. The DENSO Mobile app has also helped her stay informed on what is happening within her own facility, as well as within the entire company.

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