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  • Christine Quast

DENSO New Hire Spotlight: Christine Quast

Since March, we’ve had a number of new faces join the DENSO family across North America. Because of the global pandemic, we have not always had the opportunity to meet and greet these talented individuals face-to-face. Over the coming weeks, we will spotlight some of our newest employees and hear directly from them what it was like to start a new job at DENSO during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Meet Christine Quast! Christine joined the DENSO family in early May as a senior accounting manager based out of our Southfield location.

While traditionally done in person, Christine’s onboarding experience was a mix of conference calls and emails that provided her background information on DENSO. Despite it being her first time starting a job remote, Christine says it was much easier than she expected!

Part of this was helped by Christine’s boss setting up calendar meetings for virtual introductions with most of the people she would be working with. On her first day, Christine was able to “meet” her colleagues, almost like she normally would.

While Christine mostly works from home, she has been to the office. She felt safe coming in because of the precautions DENSO has taken to limit exposure. She said DENSO used scanning cameras and a security person as a checkpoint before entering the building, plus visitors were provided masks to wear and some areas inside were blocked off to prevent individuals from gathering. Christine also appreciated the regular email communications detailing on-site safety protocols.

Christine is excited to build her career with us and be part of all of the cool projects happening at DENSO. She is confident she can navigate the challenges and opportunities her new role presents - no matter where she is - in part because everyone she has worked with is helpful and willing to spend time showing her the processes and systems needed to do her job well.

If you’re interested in joining our team, you can review our open positions here: