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  • Julianne Cinoman

DENSO Co-op Spotlight: Julianne Cinoman

Fifth year, North Carolina State University
Mechanical Engineering

Julianne Cinoman just completed DENSO’s Co-op program in Maryville, Tenn. She learned how to use several of the production machines on the plant floor, and was even able to run tests and make changes on them to continually improve the process (which she says was the best part!).
Something unexpected that Julianne learned during her program was that while new products and technologies are introduced all the time, old products must continue to be made -- just at a lower volume but at the same high-quality. Because of this, DENSO has machines that produce parts that are over a decade old to ensure they’re able to fulfill all parts orders that come in from customers.

Julianne plans on working in manufacturing after graduation and when asked how this program prepared her for her career, she said, “I’ve learned a lot about the importance of cycle times, standardization and efficiency. Most of the job is problem solving. Production issues arise and it's the job of a production engineer to investigate and fix problems. One important lesson DENSO has taught me is the 'just-in-time' principle. The idea is that, as a manufacturing plant, we should be producing just enough products at just the right time so that we aren't over-stocking our warehouse, and thus creating more product than we're actually going to sell, while at the same time we aren't running behind and not meeting quotas.”

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