Employee Spotlights

DENSO Co-op Spotlight: Jonathan Garcia, Senior, Cal Poly Pomona, Mechanical Engineering

What has been your favorite part of the program?
I’m happy to be part of the Mold & Die design team working with kind engineers who are always willing to guide and teach me. Also, being given a real project to work on definitely gave me something to be proud of doing.

What was something unexpected you learned about automotive/mobility/manufacturing?
I learned a lot here at DENSO. I learned that depending on the auto part, it can undergo a different manufacturing process than another part. That process can take two weeks to two months. In addition, I learned that it might sometimes take many iterations to get a part to meet the desired results and afterward it must undergo different tests and quality checks before it gets approved.

How did this program prepare you for what you want to do after graduation?
My goal, ever since I started college, was to work in the design process of cars. I believe DENSO gave me the opportunity to do just that by giving me a position where I can design or modify a mold assembly that will contribute to the quality improvement of a component that will go into a car. DENSO gave me a head start into the automotive industry expectations.

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