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DENSO offers 3 plans for our associates to select to best suit their needs.

1. ExpressWay

Someone who values things that are quick and easy. It offers flat dollar copays for most office visits, so you are in and out with fewer billing headaches.

2024 ExpressWay Plan Summary

Guide to ExpressWay Copays

2. MainStreet

Someone who likes familiarity. It offers a traditional deductible and coinsurance for most services.

2024 MainStreet Plan Summary

3. OpenRoad

Someone who likes freedom and doesn’t mind a little risk so long as they are driving. It offers a high deductible, which is required for a Health Savings Account (HSA).

2024 OpenRoad Plan Summary

2024 Prescription Information

Coordination of Benefits (COB)

If you or a family member are covered by two or more medical plans, Coordination of Benefits (COB) determines which plan pays first (primary) and which plan pays second (secondary). If DENSO’s plan pays secondary, it will only pay if the primary plan paid less than DENSO’s plan would have if it were primary. DENSO’s plan will always be secondary to any medical or personal injury payments under an auto policy. The maximum combined payment you can expect from all plans cannot exceed 100% of the total allowable charge. Therefore, having dual coverage is not always the best choice financially.


With Virtual Care by Teladoc Health, formerly Blue Cross Online Visits, members can visit with a board-certified doctor or mental health provider online from anywhere in the U.S. Use your Blue Cross online account to access Virtual Care benefits. All Virtual Care visits for DENSO associates on a DENSO medical plan cost $15.

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