Well-being & Other Benefits

Well-being & Other Benefits

Wellness Programs Overview

DENSO offers a variety of wellness programs at no cost as part of our comprehensive benefits package. By focusing on prevention and wellness, you can avoid spending time and money dealing with an urgent, serious health issue.

Click the link below to view a one-page guide to our wellness programs or scroll down on this page to get more program information on the following programs.

Wellness Programs Overview

Behavioral Health

DENSO Family Health Centers

Healthy Horizons

Healthy Horizons and 2024 Preferred Premiums

The Healthy Horizons program offers an individualized approach to wellness. Onsite health coaching continues to be offered this year to support associates with their personal health goals. 

To qualify for 2024 Preferred Premiums complete both the Member Health Assessment (MHA) and the biometric screening by the deadline in the schedule below:

Associate Hire Date

Complete BOTH
Screening and MHA

Hired on or before 9/30/2023


Hired on or after 10/1/2023

Automatically Qualified

To complete your biometric screening, choose one of the following options:

Visit your on-site DENSO Family Health Center (DFHC) - If available at your affiliate, you may visit the DFHC and have your screening performed there. 

Visit your Primary Care Physician (PCP) - Your PCP may submit your physical results on a Screening Physician Form. Click the link below to download the form prior to your appointment. 2023 Physician Form available here.

Visit a LabCorp - If available in your area, you may visit a LabCorp facility. Obtain authorization in advance by email using the "Contact" link on HbD's website or by calling HbD at 866-996-2155. Note:  If not collected at your lab visit, you must self-report your height, weight, waist and blood pressure to HbD. 

To complete your MHA, choose one of the following options:

Login to

In-person with a health coach

Contact DENSO’s wellness vendor, Health by Design (HbD) by phone at 866-996-2155

GIThrive for Digestive Health

Hinge Health for Musculoskeletal Health

Holiday Schedule

Livongo for Diabetes and Hypertension Management

Paid Time Off (PTO)

DENSO has common Paid Time Off (PTO) practices with a standard PTO schedule. Associates have the opportunity to elect to cash out a portion of the PTO allowance for the following year during Open Enrollment each fall. Click the links to view the PTO schedule and details regarding the cash out election process.