Stable cultivation environment by standardizing the entire greenhouse

Conventional greenhouses are generally custom-built. For beginners, it is difficult to prepare greenhouses and equipment in the optimum condition. Medium-scale Semi-closed Greenhouse realizes the equalization and stabilization of the cultivation environment by adopting the industrial concept of "standardization". According to the base layout, up to 10 greenhouses in a row are available to meet your needs. We aim to provide manageable greenhouses even for beginners.
Medium-scale Semi-closed Greenhouse has an active ventilation system that equalizes airflow, temperature, and CO2 concentration, making the environment in the greenhouse even more stable. A set of equipment including intake fans and a CO2 generator is optimally laid out based on demonstrations.

Climate Control System, the core of Medium-scale Semi-closed Greenhouse, efficiently controls various pieces of equipment.

Medium-scale Semi-closed Greenhouse controls light, moisture, CO2, temperature, humidity, and wind required for plant cultivation through detailed data collection and analysis. It is an advanced environmental control system utilizing information from various sensors to efficiently increase crop yields and contribute to efficient cultivation management.

Next generation agricultural system developed by a combination of industry and agriculture

DENSO with industrial know-how and environmental control technology, agricultural facility designer and seller DAISEN, and agricultural material seller Toyotane launched "the Triceed-Agri Project" together. We created Medium-scale Semi-closed Greenhouse, which combines industry and agriculture.

*"Triceed" is a coined word that expresses the wish for "Trinity (three company)", "Try (continued challenge of developing new types of horticulture), "Proceed (leading evolution)" and "Succeed (success together with producers)".

Advantages of Medium-scale Semi-closed Greenhouse

Since Medium-scale Semi-closed Greenhouse is a semi-closed greenhouse, it is less affected by rain, wind, dust, and pests, and the entire greenhouse is designed to the optimum specifications. You can expect an increase in yield.

※This is a demonstration result and does not guarantee effect. Verification at experimental greenhouse in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture in fiscal year 2018 (Planting: September 5; End of harvest: August 28)

If you set the conditions that suit you in the initial setting, then machine automatically controls the greenhouse. You can farm while looking at the cultivation data with a feeling of relief.

The weather-resistant structure of the greenhouse makes it easier to control the ideal environment. The greenhouse environment is stored as data and compared and analyzed. This can be used as a tool to review cultivation and assist cultivation instruction.

Efficient airflow and mist control makes the temperature inside the greenhouse equal. You can feel comfortable and easy to work in the greenhouse.

Airflow lowers the temperature by promoting transpiration from crops, and enables fine-mist cooling by promoting vaporization of mist. We were able to lower the temperature by up to 5 degrees※ compared to the outdoor temperature. You can work comfortably even in summer.

※Result of our measurement at the demonstration greenhouse in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture in July 2018