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for Future Mobility

DENSO is applying core technologies to ensure a future in which mobility will benefit society. Our aim is to provide better safety and security, as well as protecting the environment to ensure a more prosperous and pleasant world for a future we can all enjoy.


DENSO Efficient Driving

DENSO envisions a future in which mobility is more efficient and driving is more fun. We are developing electrified technologies for a wide range of vehicles, from gasoline and diesel vehicles to HV, PHV, EV and FCV, to improve efficiency with better management of electric, kinetic and heat power. By predicting road conditions and charting the best course, our goal is to reduce energy loss, so people can drive as they wish while also being environmentally friendly.


DENSO Automated Driving

DENSO envisions a future in which everyone can travel freely and safely, regardless of their age or physical condition. That's why DENSO is deeply focused on advances in safety and security. Our goal is to evolve our sensing, information & communication and AI technologies to eliminate limitations to mobility.


DENSO Connected Driving

DENSO envisions a future in which mobility is connected inside and outside of the vehicle, including cars, people and infrastructure, as well as new services. It brings us new experiences for traveling, and helps us develop automated driving systems that are more convenient and comfortable yet extremely energy efficient. Of course, security issues have emerged from connectivity, such as hackers and data leaks, but with an unwavering focus on safety, DENSO will help protect people and cars.



/DENSO Core Technologies/
for Future Possibilities

Our research and development efforts continue to drive us into new areas of business, solving problems and benefiting society beyond the automotive industry.


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