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Agriculture will Change and Spread!?

Smart Agriculture Fostered by Technology

It is often said in agriculture that "you can't rest when you are taking care of crops," and "there are ups and downs with nature".
However, if agriculture could be automated and more efficient by introducing robots and other systems, the methods of work and harvest yield would change.
This would create a new style of farming.
The expanding possibilities of agriculture are now attracting a great deal of attention.

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Looking ahead, it’s important to ensure greater well-being in the field of food production and agriculture. That’s why DENSO is currently pursuing smart agriculture.

  • An ideal future for farming through the fusion of manufacturing and agriculture

    Revolutionizing farming jobs and working styles to attract new workers into the agricultural industry

    Throughout the twists and turns of human history, one thing has remained constant: food is required to live. Some of you may want to try your hand at farming someday. However, you may also find it hard to get engaged in farming for the first time. With this in mind, DENSO is conducting R&D in the agricultural industry with the goal of making it more accessible to potential future farmers who have little or no relevant experience or knowledge.

Story of the

Solution & Tech

Introducing some of the solutions and technologies being developed to realize smart agriculture

  • Active-ventilation greenhouses for a new type of agriculture

    Utilizing the Profarm T-cube for agricultural production less affected by the weather

    In recent years, global climate change has made agricultural production using current methods increasingly difficult. In order to overcome this social issue, it’s necessary for us to develop technologies that ensure stable crop production. DENSO Corporation has used air conditioning technologies from the automotive industry to develop Semi-closed greenhouses with active-ventilation system without roof windows. This enables stable and reproducible cultivation, not dependent on the prevailing weather.

  • Large-scale smart greenhouse fo livery everyone

    Sustainable farming without overburden, waste and irregularity at the AgriD of the large-scale smart farm

    The problem of the declining number of growers marks a turning point. It’s up to us to overcome this challenge by making agriculture a more attractive profession, thus attracting more people into the industry. DENSO Corporation is leveraging its manufacturing technologies, cultivated in the auto industry, to optimize farming operations while creating an agricultural system that boosts production efficiency and enables more flexible working styles. Thanks to these efforts, a new kind of agriculture is emerging in which human-robot collaboration.

  • New horizons in agriculture through AI-based robotic “eyes”

    Development of the automated tomato-harvesting robot

    As society ages, labor shortages and other problems are create increasingly difficult circumstances in the agricultural industry, and many people are looking to robots for solutions. DENSO is working together with the Mie Prefecture-based agricultural facility Asai Nursery to develop the FARO tomato-picking robot. Let’s take a look at how image recognition technology has been developed to create robotic “eyes” for agricultural robots.

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