DENSO WorldDeep inside your car,
there’s whole lively little world.

What world exists inside a car?

The DENSO World - it is finely made, mysterious and energetic,
and the Denmaru-zoku are working to run cars much bigger than their bodies.
So let's have a look!

Motor Generator

They are turning the motor to run the car.

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Car air conditioner

When it’s hot, they busily fan the ice to create a cool breeze.
When it’s cold, they blow warm air to keep the car’s interior feeling cozy.

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Driver Status Monitor

Watching carefully to make sure that the driver doesn’t get distracted or sleepy,
they provide early warning of any danger.

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The instrument at the end of the rope, which they’re pulling with all their might,
is the speedometer. They all pull together to move the needle.

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Cheerful residents of DENSO World inside the cars used all over the globe.
They are good at teamwork and are working together to run cars.
There is a rumor that about 170,000 Denmaru are living on the globe.

Digital contents

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Have more fun with Denmaru!Digital contentsLINE stickers
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