Motor Generator

A Motor Generator (MG) is essential for driving hybrid vehicles and generating electricity. It serves as the main power source when starting and driving a vehicle and assists the engine during acceleration. The regenerative energy generated when applying the brakes is used to charge the battery. An MG plays a key role inimproving the dynamic performance and fuel efficiency of hybrid vehicles.


Enhanced winding technology

DENSO developed the MG using proprietary winding technology that is enhanced by SC alternators (automotive electric generators). The newly developed coil end shape, winding structure, and manufacturing method have contributed to size and weight reduction, easy installation, drive-time power reduction and increased fuel efficiency.


  • Rectangular Coil Wires

Rectangular Coil Wires

The coil space factor in the iron core (into which the coil is inserted) has been improved by more than 10% by using wires with a rectangular instead of circular cross section. Also, the overlap at the coil end has been reduced to decrease the electrical resistance. This helps decrease the heat generated when large currents flow, achieving driving efficiency and power generation with less environmental impact.

  • Distributed winding

Distributed winding

An MG consists of a stator and a rotor. Permanent magnets are located in the rotor and a coil is wound on the stator. By using a distributed winding design in which coils are wound in the same width as the rotor magnets, DENSO takes full advantage of the magnets' magnetic flux to generate electricity. To reduce the coil overlap, DENSO developed a proprietary manufacturing technology to align and assemble each u-shaped coil element, enabling mass production with high quality.