Products & Services


To protect the global environment and to realize a confidence, accident-free mobile society, DENSO takes full advantage of our highly advanced technology and productivity, developing various automotive systems and providing developments to car manufactures all over the world.


DENSO delivers industrial solutions to factories around the globe, fully supported by our manufacturing technology and skills developed in automotive parts production, the essence of "KAIZEN (continuous improvement)" practice.



DENSO is tackling agricultural industrialization, aiming to deliver a steady, healthy diet to future generations while contributing to the realization of a sustainable environment.



DENSO offers systems for everyday use including household air conditioning equipment, as well as industrial systems. We have developed these systems by adapting technological expertise gained in the automotive field.


Regulation & Legislation

Our products using radio frequency comply with appropriate international standards. Go to the Regulation & Legislation website for Declaration of Conformity (DoC), which is an official statement that a product is in compliance with 1999/5/EC (R&TTE Directive).  and 2014/53/EU (RE Directive).