Thermal Management & Air-conditioning Systems

Optimal management of thermal energy required in the vehicle improves both energy efficiency and comfort.
In addition, our compact and easy-to-mount HVAC unit, or our bus air-conditioning unit mounted on the roof provides safe and comfortable cabin space.

Thermal Management Heat Pump System

The refrigeration cycle contributes to improvement of comfort while reducing energy consumption by producing cooling air, warm water and cold water.
Through precise refrigerant and water control, the heat pump is converted into a simple receiver cycle, with significantly reducing the number of components while improving cooling performance.
Extends cruising range of vehicles by utilizing heat from the atmosphere as thermal energy for heating.
By the world's first defrosting function while driving, significantly improves electricity consumption efficiency in frosty environments.
By controlling the battery to the optimum temperature, contributes to longer battery life and shorter charging time.

Heat Pump Air-conditioning System

Increases energy efficiency using heat from ambient air, thus extending the driving range of Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

HVAC Unit (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning)

Adjusts air temperature, humidity, air flow volume, and air flow outlet mode to provide a comfortable cabin environment in a light weight and compact package.

Air Quality System

Contributes to the creation of a safe and comfortable interior space by controlling air quality devices automatically.

Personal Heating / Cooling Devices

By heating and cooling the occupants effectively providing thermal comfort feeling with less energy

Bus Air-conditioning System

This package unit allows to be mounted on bus roof and provide wider and more comfortable cabin space for passengers.

Automotive Freezer

Truck Freezer maintains the cargo temperature at certain level as corresponding to a wide range of temperature and vehicle size.

Products of Control System

Consists of the sensors and ECU to control the air-conditioner, realizing a fuel-efficient, safe, and comfortable system.

Heat Exchanger

Used for air conditioning in various vehicles and temperature control of electrified products with contributing to energy saving.  Compact, lightweight and easy to mount.

Products of Refrigerant

Refrigerant subsystem devices which improve fuel efficiency through high efficiency system components.

Products of Cooling

These parts are designed to effectively use thermal energy accumulated in cooling water, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Package air conditioning system

Compact and lightweight packaging of the A/C system provides a comfortable space.

Pickup System

  • Energy Management System