Safety and Cockpit Systems

DENSO achieves a society with safe and secure mobility
with high-quality and reliable products and information management HMI
& cockpits that support automotive evolution.

Driving Environment Recognition Systems

Detect environment around vehicle such as pedestrians, other vehicles & roads, thus contributing to advanced safety and realization of automated driving.

Vehicle Dynamic Control Systems

This system is crucial for driving, turning, and stopping, and contributes to improved safety and fuel efficiency.

Collision Safety Systems

Securely activates airbags by detecting collision status, thus reducing the damage of passengers and pedestrians.

Visibility Support Systems

Detects surrounding environment such as raindrops and brightness and secures the field of vision, thereby improving visibility even in bad weather.

Cockpit Information Systems

Monitor occupants states, and connect human, the society and vehicles, realizing a driving experience of unprecedented comfort and pleasure.

Information Security Systems

This communication system achieves both user-friendliness and high security functions.

Other Products