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COVID-19 Record System

Voluntarily Upload Information for Healthy Horizons Vaccinated Discount

The COVID-19 Record System is now available, and serves as DENSO’s third-party record-keeping system for vaccination verification and alternative documents like the medical accommodation forms.

Click the link below to access the system. For questions, contact your local Benefits representative or email Regional Benefits at NA-DIAM-north-america-benefits@na.denso.com.

DENSO COVID-19 Record System Launch Communication

Vaccination Accommodation Forms

  • Associates requesting an accommodation will be required to complete one of the forms below and follow the steps noted.


Medical Accommodation

  • 1. Complete the form with your physician.
  • 2. Upload it into the verification system. Note: Incomplete forms will not be eligible for review.
  • 3. You will receive an email when your submission has been received, and again once it has been reviewed. 


Religious Accommodation

  • 1. Complete the form.
  • 2. Submit it to your local Team Member Solutions/Associate Relations team.


Medical Accommodation Request Form

Religious Accommodation Request Form

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