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10R12A XU24EPR-U IXU24 VXU24
10R12X XU24EPR-U IXU24 VXU24
3 W16LS - -
3-4 W16PR-U - -
4 W16LS - -
4-5 W22FP-U IWF22 -
4R W16LS - -
4R5 W22FP-U10 IWF22 -
5 W20S-U - -
5A6 W16EX-U IW16 VW16
5R6 W16EXR-U IW16 VW16
5R6A W16EXR-U11 IW16 VW16
5RL J16CR-U IW16 VW16
6R12 XU22EPR-U IXU22 VXU22
8 IW31 IW31 -


  • * Use IXU22I and VXU22I with 3SZ-VE engine.
  • (*3) MITSUBISHI lean burn excluded.
  • (*6) Purchase via DAIHATSU.
  • (*8) Purchase via Mazda.
  • (1) This comparison chart does not guarantee capability with any vehicle. Please use it for reference only.
  • (2) Plug specifications (design, materials, etc.) varies according to manufacturer.
  • (3) Choose your plug model by referring to the vehicle model compatibility table.
  • (4) When choosing a plug model for tuning vehicles and vehicles not listed in the vehicle model compatibility chart, the customer is responsible for determining the correct plug.