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12-5DU X22EP-U9 IX22B -
12R-5DU X22EPR-U9 IX22B -
12VR-8SE XE20HR-U9 - VFXEH20
12ZR-6SPP2(BIHEX) - - -
12ZR-6SPP2-1(BIHEX) - - -
12ZR-6SP02(BIHEX) - - -
12ZR-6SP03(BIHEX) - - -
14-10A W14F-U - -
14-10B W14FP-UL IWF16 -
14-10C W14E - -
14-10D W14EP-U IW16 VW16
14-10E W14-U - -
14-2AS1 W27FS-U IWF27 -
14-3A1 W24FS-U IWF24 -
14-3AS1 IWF24 IWF24 -
14-3AU W24FS-U IWF24 -
14-3CS IW24 IW24 -
14-4A W22FS-U IWF22 -
14-4AS1 IWF24 IWF24 -
14-4AU W22FS-U IWF22 -
14-4CS1 IW24 IW24 -
14-4DPO IW24 IW24 -
14-5A W22FS-U IWF22 -
14-5AU W22FS-U IWF22 -
14-5BU W22FP-U IWF22 -
14-5C W22ES-U - -
14-5D W22EP-U IW22 VW22
14-5DTU W22EPB IW22 VW22
14-5DU W22EP-U IW22 VW22
14-5DUO W22EP-U IW22 VW22
14-5E W22S-U - -
14-5F W20PR-U - -
14-6B W20FP-U IWF20 -
14-6BU W20FP-U IWF20 -
14-6C W20ES-U - -
14-6D W20EP-U IW20 VW20
14-6DTU W20EPB IW20 VW20
14-6DU W20EP-U IW20 VW20
14-6DUO W20EP-U IW20 VW20
14-7AU W20FS-U IWF22 -
14-7BU W20FP-U IWF20 -
14-7C W20ES-U - -
14-7CU W20ES-U - -
14-7D W20EP-U IW20 VW20
14-7DTU W20EPB IW20 VW20
14-7DU W20EP-U IW20 VW20
14-7DUO W20EP-U IW20 VW20
14-7E W20S-U - -
14-7F W20PR-U - -
14-8A W16FS-U - -
14-8B W16FP-U IWF16 -
14-8C W16ES-U - -
14-8D W16EP-U IW16 VW16
14-8DC W16EP-U IW16 VW16
14-8DTU W16EPB10 IW16 VW16
14-8DU W16EP-U IW16 VW16
14-8DUO W16EP-U IW16 VW16
14-8E W16S-U - -
14-8F W16PR-U - -
14-8LUR J16CR-U IW16 VW16
14-9C W16ES-U - -
14-9DU W14EP-U IW16 VW16
14-9DUO W14EP-U IW16 VW16
14-9EUO W14LM-U - -
14F-03DAR K22PBR-S IK22 VK22
14F-5DU K22PR-U IK22 VK22
14F-5MPUR02 VKH22 IKH22 VKH22
14F-5MPUR03 VKH22 IKH22 VKH22
14F-6DPURO21 VK22 IK22 VK22
14F-6DSR IK20 IK20 VK20
14F-6DTU K20PBR IK20 VK20
14F-6DUO K20P-U IK20 VK20
14F-6DUOR K20P-U IK20 VK20
14F-7 LDUR K20TXR IK20 VK20
14F-7DU K20P-U IK20 VK20
14F-7DUO K20P-U IK20 VK20
14F-7DPUR2 VK20 IK20 VK20
14F-7DUOR K20P-U IK20 VK20
14F-7HUR2 KJ16CR-L11 IK16 VK16
14F-8DU K16P-U11 IK16 VK16
14F-8DU4 K16P-U11 IK16 VK16
14F-8DUO K16P-U11 IK16 VK16
14F-8LUR KJ16CR11 IK16 VK16
14F-9DUO K16P-U11 IK16 VK16
14FDH-8DPURX2 PK16PR(-L)11 IK16 VK16
14FGH-6DTUR K20PBR-S10 IK20 VK20
14FGH-8DPURX2 PK16PR(-L)11 IK16 VK16
14FGH-8DTUR K20PBR-S10 IK20 VK20
14FGR-7CTU K20PBR-S10 IK20 VK20
14FGR-8DPURX2 PK16PR(-L)11 IK16 VK16
14FGR-8DQU7 K20PBR IK20 VK20
14FR-5DPUX IK22 IK22 VK22
14FR-5DTU K22PBR-S IK22 VK22
14FR-5DU K22PR-U IK22 VK22
14FR-5LDU K20TXR IK20 VK20
14FR-6DPUX IK20 IK20 VK20
14FR-6DU K20PR-U IK20 VK20
14FR-6LDU K20TXR IK20 VK20
14FR-7DPUX IK20 IK20 VK20
14FR-7DU K20PR-U IK20 VK20
14FR-7DUX K20PR-U11 IK20 VK20
14FR-8 LDU K20TXR IK20 VK20
14FR-8DPUX IK16 IK16 VK16
14FR-8DU K16PR-U IK16 VK16
14FR-8DUX K16PR-U11 IK16 VK16
14FR-8NQU213 K20HR-U11 IKH20 VKH20
14G-8DTU W20EPBR-S IW20 VW20
14K-5DU T22EP-U IT22 -
14K-5DUO T22EP-U IT22 -
14K-6DU T20EP-U IT20 VT20
14K-6DUO T20EP-U IT20 VT20
14K-7DU T20EP-U IT20 VT20
14K-7DUO T20EP-U IT20 VT20
14K-8DU T16EPR-U IT16 VT16
14K-8DUO T16EPR-U IT16 VT16
14K-9DU T16EPR-U IT16 VT16
14K-9DUO T16EPR-U IT16 VT16
14KR-6BU T20PR-U ITF20 -
14KR-6DU T20EPR-U IT20 VT20
14KR-6ZPPV PT16VR13 ITV16 -
14KR-7 DU T20EPR-U IT20 VT20
14KR-7 DUX T20EPR-U IT20 VT20
14KR-9 DUX T16EPR-U IT16 VT16
14R-11F W14PR-U - -
14R-5BPU IWF22 IWF22 -
14R-5DPU IW22 IW22 VW22
14R-5DU W22EPR-U IW22 VW22
14R-6BU W20FPR-U IWF20 -
14R-6D W20EPR-U IW20 VW20
14R-6DU W20EPR-U IW20 VW20
14R-6DUX W20EPR-U11 IW20 VW20
14R-7BU W20FPR-U IWF20 -
14R-7CU W20ESR-U - -
14R-7D W20EPR-U IW20 VW20
14R-7DU W20EPR-U IW20 VW20
14R-7DUX W20EPR-U11 IW20 VW20
14R-8DU W16EPR-U IW16 VW16
14R-8DUX W16EPR-U11 IW16 VW16
14R-9EUO W14LM-U - -
14SR-6F W22MPR-U - -
14-X AU W20FS-U IWF22 -
14Z-3AU W24FS-U IWF24 -
14Z-4AU W24FS-U IWF24 -
14Z-6A2 W20FS-U IWF22 -
14Z-7AU W22FS-U IWF22 -
18-10AU L14-U - -
18-5AU M22 - -
18-7AU M17 - -
18K-6BU MA20P-U - -
18K-7BU MA20P-U - -
18K-8BU MA16PR-U - -
S1K T20EPR-U IT20 VT20
S5 IW20 IW20 VW20
S6 - IWF22 -
S9 IW22 IW22 VW22


  • * Use IXU22I and VXU22I with 3SZ-VE engine.
  • (*3) MITSUBISHI lean burn excluded.
  • (*6) Purchase via DAIHATSU.
  • (*8) Purchase via Mazda.
  • (1) This comparison chart does not guarantee capability with any vehicle. Please use it for reference only.
  • (2) Plug specifications (design, materials, etc.) varies according to manufacturer.
  • (3) Choose your plug model by referring to the vehicle model compatibility table.
  • (4) When choosing a plug model for tuning vehicles and vehicles not listed in the vehicle model compatibility chart, the customer is responsible for determining the correct plug.