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5-81380001-0(BPR5ES) W16EXR-U IW16 VW16
5-81380001-0(BPR5ES) W16EPR-U IW16 VW16
5-81380005-0 W16EP IW16 VW16
5-81380006-0 W20EP IW20 VW20
5-81380007-0 W16EX-U IW16 VW16
5-81380008-0 W20EX-U IW20 VW20
5-81380012-0(BP5EY-11) W16EX-U11 IW16 VW16
5-81380013-0(BP6EY-11) W20EX-U11 IW20 VW20
5-86003122-0(ZFR5F-11) KJ16CR-L11 IK16 VK16
5-86003124-0(ZFR6F-11) KJ20CR-L11 IK20 VK20
5-86007635-0(BKR5E-11) K16PR-U11 IK16 VK16
5-86007636-0(ZFR5J-11) KJ16CR-L11 IK16 VK16
5-86007639-0(ZFR6J-11) KJ20CR-L11 IK20 VK20
5-86013957-0(PZFR5F-13) PKJ16CR-L13 IK16 VK16
5-86103386-0(PFR6B-11) PK20PR11 IK20 VK20
5-86103389-0(PGR5A-11) P16PR11 IW16 VW16
5-86121749-0(BKR5ES-11) K16PR-U11 IK16 VK16
5-86141-3160(DILKAR6A11) FXE20HR11 - VFXEH20
8-94120560-0(BPR5ES-11) W16EXR-U11 IW16 VW16
8-94120561-0 W16EXR-U11 IW16 VW16
8-94120562-0 W20EXR-U11 IW20 VW20
8-94160627-0 W20EXR-U IW20 VW20
8-94217232-0(BPR6ES-11) W20EXR-U11 IW20 VW20
8-94217232-0(BPR6ES-11) W20EPR-U11 IW20 VW20
8-94219943-0(BPR6ES) W20EXR-U IW20 VW20
8-94219943-0(BPR6ES) W20EPR-U IW20 VW20
8-94235966-0(BP5ES-11) W16EX-U11 IW16 VW16
8-94235966-0(BP5ES-11) W16EP-U11 IW16 VW16
8-94237203-0 W16EX-U11 IW16 VW16
8-94241059-0(BP6ES-11) W20EX-U11 IW20 VW20
8-94241059-0(BP6ES-11) W20EPR-U11 IW20 VW20
8-94252270-0 W20EX-U11 IW20 VW20
8-94328372-0(BKR6E-11) K20PR-U11 IK20 VK20
8-94328374-0 K20PR-U11 IK20 VK20
8-94328375-0 K22PR-U11 IK22 VK22
8-97012928-0(BKR6E) K20PR-U IK20 VK20
8-97012930-0 K20PR-U IK20 VK20
8-97012931-0 K22PR-U IK22 VK22
8-97111376-0 PK16PR11 IK16 VK16
8-97170268-0 K16PR-P11 IK16 VK16
8-97311393-0 SXU16HPR9 - -
8-97350555-0(IZFR7E-D) - - -
8-97380046-0 GX8-1 - -
9-9811929-0 GX8-1・ - -
9-82513103-0(BP6ES) W20EX-U IW20 VW20
9-82513103-0(BP6ES) W20EP-U IW20 VW20
9-82513106-0(BP5ES) W16EX-U IW16 VW16
9-82513106-0(BP5ES) W16EP-U IW16 VW16


  • (*1) Remove the gasket before use.
  • (*3) MITSUBISHI lean burn excluded.
  • (*6) Purchase via DAIHATSU.
  • (1) This comparison chart does not guarantee capability with any vehicle. Please use it for reference only.
  • (2) Plug specifications (design, materials, etc.) varies according to manufacturer.
  • (3) Choose your plug model by referring to the vehicle model compatibility table.
  • (4) When choosing a plug model for tuning vehicles and vehicles not listed in the vehicle model compatibility chart, the customer is responsible for determining the correct plug.