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1822A005(ILZFR6C-K) VKH20Y - VKH20Y
1822A009 XU22HDR9 IXUH22 VXUH22
1822A010 SXU22HDR8 IXUH22 VXUH22
1822A011(ILKR7B8) SXU22HDR8 IXUH22 VXUH22
1822A021(ILKR8E6) - - -
1822A022(ILFR7H) VKH22 IKH22 VKH22
1822A030 K16PSR-B8 IK16 VK16
1822A036(LKR7B9) XU22HDR9 IXUH22 VXUH22
1822A061 FXU22HR11 - -
1822A064 FXU22HR8 - -
1822A068(DIFR5C11) - - VFK16
1822A069(DIFR6C11) - - VFK20F
1822A071(DILFR6A11) - - VFKH20
1822A078(DILKR7B6) - - -
1822A079(DILKR8B6) - - -
1822A085(DILFR5A) - - VFKH16
1822A088(DILKR6D11G) - - -
1822A104(SILKR7H8) - - -
1822A125(ILKR7K8) SXU22HDR8 IXUH22 VXUH22
1822A130(ILKR6K8) - IXUH20I VXUH20I
1822A150(DILFR5L11) - - VFKH16
1822A154(DIFR5E11) - - -
801001 W14 - -
MD313443(PFR6G-11) PK20PR11 IK20 VK20
MD314766(BKR7EKC-N) K22TMR11 IK22 VK22
MD320543(BKR7EKC-N-11) K22TMR11 IK22 VK22
MD321150(BKR6EKC-N-11) K20TNR IK20 VK20
MD322771 PK20PR11 IK20 VK20
MD336367(PZFR6B) - - VKB20
MD338991(PGR7A) P22PR8 IW22 VW22
MD343244 P22PR8 IW22 VW22
MD343277(PGR6A) VW20 IW20 VW20
MD348296(PZFR5B) - - VKB16
MD350291(RC8YC4) K20PR-U11 IK20 VK20
MD351467(PZFR5C) - - VKB16
MD355067(BKR6EKUC) - - VKA20
MD357531 P20PR-P8 IK20 VK20Y
MD358200(ZFR6F11) KJ20CR-U11(*3) IK20 VK20
MD358202 KJ20CR-U11(*3) IK20 VK20
MD360019(IZFR6B) - - VKB20
MD360383(IZFR5B) - - VKB16
MD361067 SK16PR-A11 IK16 VK16
MD362097(ZFR5F-11) KJ16CR-U11(*3) IK16 VK16
MD362098 KJ16CR-U11(*3) IK16 VK16
MD362902(BKR5EKUC) - - VKA16
MD366819(IZFR5C) - - VKA16
MD370906(DCPR6EKU) - - -
MD371434(IGR7A) VW22 IW22 VW22
MD371435 S22PR-A7 IW22 VW22
MD372421(BKR5EKUD) - - VKA16
MD372422(BKR6EKUD) - - VKA20
MD372553(IFR5E11) SK16PR-A11 IK16 VK16
MD372588(IFR6E11) SK20PR-A11 IK20 VK20
MD373645 SK20PR-A11 IK20 VK20
MD374841(IGR7A-G) VW22 IW22 VW22
MD375642(BKR5ETUA) - - VKA16
MD378582(IFR6B) SVK20RZ8 - VK20Y
ME220826(IFR7F-D) VK22 IK22 VK22
ME222165(IFR7F8D) VK22 IK22 VK22
MN119256(ILZFR5B) VKH16 IKH16 VKH16
MN119487(IFR6S) SK20PR-A8 - VK20Y
MN119500(IGR6A11) VW20 IW20 VW20
MN119942(BKR6ETUB) K20PBR-S10 - VKB20
MN122257 SVK20RZ8 - VK20Y
MN122493 SXU22PR-A9 IXU22 VXU22
MN122494(IKR7B) VXU22 IXU22 VXU22
MN128362(FR7SE) IKH20 IKH20 VKH20
MN137919(FR7NPP33) VKH20 IKH20 VKH20
MN158596(LZFR6AI) IKH20 IKH20 VKH20
MN163235(FR5EI) IK16 IK16 VK16
MN163807 K20PSR-B8 IK20 VK20
MN176628(FR7SI30) IKH20 IKH20 VKH20
MQ500368 ZXU20PR11 - VXU20
MQ507909(LMAR7CI-8) - - VSUEH22
MQ504110(ILMARA8) - - VSUEH22
MQ510099(ILZKR6F11) - IXUH20I VXUH20I
MQ701126(ILZKAR5AP11) - - -
MQ701127(ILZKAR6AP11) - - VFXEH20
MQ701128(ILZKAR7AP11) - - VFXEH22
MQ703981(DILZKAR6A11) FXE20HE11 - VFXEH20
MR984943 SK20PR-A8 IK20 VK20
MS851022 W16EP IW16 VW16
MS851023 W20EP IW20 VW20
MS851024 W22EP IW22 VW22
MS851027 W16EP11 IW16 VW16
MS851028 W20EP11 IW20 VW20
MS851029 W22EP11 IW22 VW22
MS851097 W16EX-U IW16 VW16
MS851101 W14EX-U IW16 VW16
MS851102 W16EX-U IW16 VW16
MS851104 W20EX-U IW20 VW20
MS851106 W14EX-U11 IW16 VW16
MS851107 W16EX-U11 IW16 VW16
MS851108 W20EX-U11 IW20 VW20
MS851126(BPR6E) W20EPR-U IW20 VW20
MS851182(BP5ES) W16EX-U IW16 VW16
MS851182(BP5ES) W16EP-U IW16 VW16
MS851183(BP6ES) W20EX-U IW20 VW20
MS851183(BP6ES) W20EP-U IW20 VW20
MS851184(BP7ES) W22EP-U IW22 VW22
MS851184(BP7ES) W22EP IW22 VW22
MS851187(BP5ES-11) W16EX-U11 IW16 VW16
MS851187(BP5ES-11) W16EP-U11 IW16 VW16
MS851188(BP6ES-11) W20EX-U11 IW20 VW20
MS851188(BP6ES-11) W20EPR-U11 IW20 VW20
MS851189(BP7ES-11) W22EP-U11 IW22 VW22
MS851232(BPR5ES) W16EXR-U IW16 VW16
MS851232(BPR5ES) W16EPR-U IW16 VW16
MS851233(BPR6ES) W20EXR-U IW20 VW20
MS851233(BPR6ES) W20EPR-U IW20 VW20
MS851237(BPR5ES-11) W16EPR11 IW16 VW16
MS851238(BPR6ES-11) W20EPR11 IW20 VW20
MS851239(BPR7ES-11) W22EPR-U11 IW22 VW22
MS851243(BP5EA-L) W16EX-U IW16 VW16
MS851253(BU6EA-11) W20EP-S11 IW20 VW20
MS851254(BU7EA-11) W22EP-S11 IW22 VW22
MS851273(BUR6EA-11) W20EPR-S11 IW20 VW20
MS851274(BUR7EA-11) W22EP-S11 IW22 VW22
MS851283(BP6E) W20EP-U IW20 VW20
MS851292(PGR6B) P20PR-S11 IW20 VW20
MS851302(PGR6A-11) VW20 IW20 VW20
MS851302(PGR6A-11)LPG VW20T - VW20T
MS851316(DCPR6E) XU20EPR-U IXU22 VXU22
MS851317(DCPR7E) XU22EPR-U IXU22 VXU22
MS851332(PFR6B-11) PK20PR11 IK20 VK20
MS851335(PFR5J-11) PK16PR-P11 IK16 VK16
MS851336(PFR6J-11) PK20PR-P11 IK20 VK20
MS851346(PFR6M) PK20PR-P8 IK20 VK20
MS851347(PFR7M) VK22 IK22 VK22
MS851352(BK6E) K20P-U IK20 VK20
MS851357(BKR5E-11) K16PR-U11 IK16 VK16
MS851358(BKR6E-11) K20PR-U11 IK20 VK20
MS851359(BKR7E-11) K22PR-U11 IK22 VK22
MS851361(BK5E-11) K16P-U11 IK16 VK16
MS851362(BK6E-11) K20PR-U11 IK20 VK20
MS851363(BK7E-11) K22PR-U11 IK22 VK22
MS851368(BKR6E) K20PR-U IK20 VK20
MS851402 W16EPR-U IW16 VW16
MS851403 W20EPR-U IW20 VW20
MS851412 W16EPR IW16 VW16
MS851413 W20EPR IW20 VW20
MS851417 W16EPR11 IW16 VW16
MS851418 W20EPR11 IW20 VW20
MS851419 W22EPR11 IW22 VW22
MS851428 W20EP-S11 IW20 VW20
MS851429 W22EP-S11 IW22 VW22
MS851437 W16EP-U IW16 VW16
MS851438 W20EP-U IW20 VW20
MS851439 W22EP-U IW22 VW22
MS851447 W20EPR-S11 IW20 VW20
MS851448 W16EPR-S11 IW16 VW16
MS851463 P20PR-S11 IW20 VW20
MS851473 P20PR11 IW20 VW20
MS851486 XU20EPR-U IXU22 VXU22
MS851487 XU22EPR-U IXU22 VXU22
MS851501 PK16PR-P11 IK16 VK16
MS851502 PK20PR-P11 IK20 VK20
MS851506 PK20PR-P8 - VK20Y
MS851722 K20P-U IK20 VK20
MS851727 K16PR-U11 IK16 VK16
MS851728 K20PR-U11 IK20 VK20
MS851728(BKR6E-11) K20PR-U11 IK20 VK20
MS851729 K22PR-U11 IK22 VK22
MS851732(Use MS851728) K20P-U11(Use K20PR-U11) IK20 VK20
MS851738 K20PR-U IK20 VK20
MS851783 K22TM11 IK22 VK22
MS851861(PFR6J) PK20PR-P8 IK20 VK20
MS851872(BK7EK-N-11) K22TM11 IK22 VK22
MS851881(BPR6EKN) W20ETR-L - -
MS851882(BPR7EKN) W22ETR-L8 IW22 VW22
MZ602110 K16TT IK16 VK16
MZ602111 K20TT IK20 VK20
MZ602114 XU22TT IXU22 VXU22
MZ602112 XUH22TT IXUH22 VXUH22
MZ602113 W16TT IW16 VW16
MZ602020 IK16 IK16 VK16
MZ602021 IK20 IK20 VK20
MZ602022 IK22 IK22 VK22
MZ602023 IK24 IK24 -
MZ602024 IK27 IK27 -
MZ602025 IK31 IK31 -
MZ602026 IQ16 IQ16 VQ16
MZ602027 IQ20 IQ20 VQ20
MZ602028 IQ22 IQ22 VQ22
MZ602029 IQ24 IQ24 -
MZ602030 IQ27 IQ27 -
MZ602031 IQ31 IQ31 -
MZ602032 IW16 IW16 VW16
MZ602033 IW20 IW20 VW20
MZ602034 IW22 IW22 VW22
MZ602035 IW24 IW24 -
MZ602036 IW27 IW27 -
MZ602037 IXU22 IXU22 VXU22
MZ602038 IXU24 IXU24 VXU24
MZ602039 IXU27 IXU27 -
MZ602040 VK16 IK16 VK16
MZ602041 VK20 IK20 VK20
MZ602042 VK22 IK22 VK22
MZ602043 VQ16 IQ16 VQ16
MZ602044 VQ20 IQ20 VQ20
MZ602045 VQ22 IQ22 VQ22
MZ602046 VW16 IW16 VW16
MZ602047 VW20 IW20 VW20
MZ602048 VW22 IW22 VW22
MZ602049 VXU22 IXU22 VXU22
MZ602050 VXU24 IXU24 VXU24
MZ602060(BPR5EIX11) - IW16 VW16
MZ602061(BPR6EIX11) - IW20 VW20
MZ602062(BPR7EIX) - IW22 VW22
MZ602063(BCPR5EIX11) - IQ16 VQ16
MZ602064(BCPR6EIX11) - IQ20 VQ20
MZ602065(BKR5EIX11) - IK16 VK16
MZ602066(BKR6EIX11 ) - IK20 VK20
MZ602067(DCPR7EIX) - IXU22 VXU22
MZ602068(ZFR5FIX11) - IK16 VK16
MZ602069(ZFR6FIX11) - IK20 VK20
MZ602070(BPR5EIX) - IW16 VW16
MZ602071(BPR6EIX ) - IW20 VW20
MZ602072(BKR5EIX) - IK16 VK16
MZ602073(BKR6EIX ) - IK20 VK20
MZ602074(BPR6EIX-LPG) - - VW20T
MZ602075(BKR6EIX-LPG) - - VK20T
MZ602077(BKR6EIX11P) - - VK20
MZ602078(BCPR5EIX11P) - - VQ16
MZ602079(BCPR6EIX11P) - - VQ20
MZ602080(DCPR7EIXP) - - VXU22
MZ602081(BKR7EIX11) - IK22 VK22
MZ602082(BKR5EIXP) - - VK16
MZ602083(BKR6EIXP) - - VK20Y
MZ602084(ZFR5FIX11P) - - VK16
MZ602085(ZFR6FIX11P) - - VK20
MZ602110 K16TT IK16 VK16
MZ602111 K20TT IK20 VK20
MZ602114 XU22TT IXU22 VXU22
MZ602112 XUH22TT IXUH22 VXUH22
MZ602113 W16TT IW16 VW16
MZ602676(BKR5EIX11P) - - VK16


  • (*1) Remove the gasket before use.
  • (*3) MITSUBISHI lean burn excluded.
  • (*6) Purchase via DAIHATSU.
  • (1) This comparison chart does not guarantee capability with any vehicle. Please use it for reference only.
  • (2) Plug specifications (design, materials, etc.) varies according to manufacturer.
  • (3) Choose your plug model by referring to the vehicle model compatibility table.
  • (4) When choosing a plug model for tuning vehicles and vehicles not listed in the vehicle model compatibility chart, the customer is responsible for determining the correct plug.