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22401-JA01B(DILKAR6A11) FXE20HR11 - VFXEH20
22401-1KC1C(DILKAR7C9H) - - -
22401-2047R(ILKAR7F7G) - - -
22401-2716R(DILKAR8E9ES) - - -
22401-9133R(ILKAR7F7G) - - -
77-00-107-916(BKR5EK) K20TXR IK20 VK20
77-00-500-155 K20PR-U IK20 VK20
77-00-500-168(RFC58LZ2E) K20TXR IK20 VK20
77-00-587-168(BP6HS) W20FP-U IWF20 -
77-00-743-137(BCP5ES ) Q16-U IQ16 VQ16
77-00-855-463(BCP6ET) K20PBR IK20 VK20
77-00-860-235(BP5ESZ) W16EX-U IW16 VW16
77-01-041-214(BP5ES) W16EX-U IW16 VW16
77-01-041-214(BP5ES) W16EP-U IW16 VW16
77-01-041-215(BP6EFS) T20EP-U IT20 VT20
82-00-492-426(PFR7Z-TG) VK22 IK22 VK22
96-32-182-880(PFR6E-10) PK20PR11 IK20 VK20


  • (*1) Remove the gasket before use.
  • (*3) MITSUBISHI lean burn excluded.
  • (*6) Purchase via DAIHATSU.
  • (1) This comparison chart does not guarantee capability with any vehicle. Please use it for reference only.
  • (2) Plug specifications (design, materials, etc.) varies according to manufacturer.
  • (3) Choose your plug model by referring to the vehicle model compatibility table.
  • (4) When choosing a plug model for tuning vehicles and vehicles not listed in the vehicle model compatibility chart, the customer is responsible for determining the correct plug.