Strong Points

Climate Control System for Greenhouse Technology: Moving towards Future

Supporting your stable agricultural business with high quality and advanced functionality in an easy-to-use system

Forecast control

Our product provides stress-free cultivation environment for crops by preventing sudden change of climate condition. By forecasting the possible changes inside of greenhouse from outdoor climate, our product effectively controls window open/close or individual machinery operations.

Preventing fluctuations in temperature

Two temperature sensors are located inside the greenhouse. Our precision sensors qualifying the strict quality standard of automotive parts, predicts any signs of possible irregular temperature changes. This eliminates fluctuations of temperature, preventing any delay of temperature control.

Dehumidification control

Our device switches automatically between four dehumidification modes, based on differences of humidity inside and outside of greenhouse. This maintains a humidity level best for the growth and development of the plants, preventing the occurrence of fruit cracking or disease and contributing to better plant quality.

Saturation deficits × irrigation

Temperature and humidity sensors are used to measure the saturation deficit (vacant capacity of moisture in the air defined by humidity and temperature) within the greenhouse. The plants are irrigated at the appropriate time, considering not only the amount of sunlight but also the combined saturation deficit within the greenhouse as well.