Executive Management

Member of the Board / Audit & Supervisory Board Member

President & CEO, Representative Member of the Board

Representative Member of the Board

Member of the Board

*1 Outside board members

Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

*2 Outside Auditors

President & CEO

  • executives-img-koji-arima-02

    Koji Arima

    CEO(Chief Executive Officer)

Senior Executive Officers

  • executives-img-yukihiro-shinohara

    Yukihiro Shinohara

    CCRO(Chief Corporate Revolution Officer), CQO(Chief Quality Officer), Head of Safety, Quality & Environment Center, Environment Neutral Systems Development Div., FC System Business Development Div. , CV&OH Div.

  • executives-img-kenichiro-ito

    Kenichiro Ito

    CHRO(Chief Human Resources Officer), Head of General Administration & Human Resource Center, Korea

  • executives-img-yasushi-matsui

    Yasushi Matsui

    CRO(Chief Risk Officer), CFO(Chief Financial Officer), Head of Corporate Strategy Center, Group Companies of Japan

  • executives-img-toshiyuki-kato

    Toshiyuki Kato

    Toyota, Toyota Group

  • executives-img-hiroyuki-ina

    Hiroyuki Ina

    Sensing System Business Unit, Semiconductor Business Unit, Tokyo Office

  • executives-img-katsuhisa-shimokawa

    Katsuhisa Shimokawa

    CMzO(Chief Monozukuri Officer), Head of Monozukuri Group, Head of Industrial Solution Business Unit

  • executives-img-shoji-tsuzuki

    Shoji Tsuzuki

    CISO(Chief Information Security Officer), Head of IT Digital Center

  • executives-img-yoshifumi-kato

    Yoshifumi Kato

    CTO(Chief Technology Officer*), Head of Research Development Center, Advanced Mobility Systems Business Development Div., Solution Planning for Smart City Dept., AD Business of Mobility Systems Business Group, President of MIRISE Technologies
    *Also includes the role of Chief Standardization Officer

  • executives-img-kazuaki-fujitani

    Kazuaki Fujitani

    Head of OEM Sales & Marketing Group, Solution Sales & Marketing Group

  • executives-img-yasuhiro-iida

    Yasuhiro Iida

    Head of Global Production & Purchasing Center

  • executives-img-yasuhiko-yamazaki

    Yasuhiko Yamazaki

    Head of Thermal Systems Business Group

  • executives-img-hirotsugu-takeuchi

    Hirotsugu Takeuchi

    Head of Mobility Systems Business Group

  • executives-img-hidehiro-yokoo

    Hidehiro Yokoo

    Head of Legal, External Affairs & Communications Center, Tokyo Office(External Affairs), Audit Dept., Managing of Japan Region Dept., Food Value Chain Business Development Div.

  • executive-img-jiro-ebihara

    Jiro Ebihara

    Head of Electrification Systems Business Group

  • excetive-img-shinnosuke-hayashi

    Shinnosuke Hayashi

    CSwO(Chief Software Officer), GM of Software Innovation Dept., Head of Electronics PF / Software in Mobility Systems Group, President of DENSO CREATE INC.

  • executives-img-hisashi-iida

    Hisashi Iida

    Head of Power Train Systems Group