Introducing DENSO history, from our establishment until today.

We established the foundations of our management including (i) technologies and manufacturing skills; (ii) the concept of "Quality First;" (iii) the enhancement of our production and sales organization; and (iv) the management policies anticipating global trends.


Nippondenso Co., Ltd., a separate entity from Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., is established.


Technical cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany is started.

The agreement allowed us to expand our technical expertise from outside the company to achieve world-class engineering.


By establishing service plants in respective regions, the Assigned Service Station System is started.

Today, a global service network of around 4,600 bases is in place to enhance services for end users in different regions (e.g. repair and replacement of our products).

Our Technical Training Center is established.

The principles of "Monozukuri is Hitozukuri (our performance relies on our people)" and "engineering and technique, hand in hand" are still being practiced today.


The Injection Pump Preparation Section is established.

We began to expand our business fields beyond the development and production of electrical components we established at the time of our founding. Today, we operate in various product areas such as powertrain, thermal systems, electronics, and driving control & safety systems. We have a competitive edge in being able to deliver entire systems instead of single products.


The Deming Prize, the most prestigious award for quality control, is received.

Efforts made by all employees to win the prize laid the foundations for the concept and our culture of "Quality First."


The start of operations at Ikeda Plant (in Aichi Prefecture) and Hiroshima Plant are celebrated.

A production base separate from our headquarters was established for the first time. At present, we manufacture our products at more than 140 group companies around the world.


In the United States, a sales office in Chicago and branch offices in Los Angeles and Detroit are established.

The first sales office outside Japan was established in anticipation of global trends, including trade liberalization.


Our IC Research Center is established.

In-house R&D of integrated circuit (IC) was launched at an early stage in anticipation of electronic control for automotive components. Today, electronic components constitute some of the main products that we sell.