Natural Environment Harmonization Product

Basic Stance

At DENSO, we leverage technologies accumulated to date in the automotive field to contribute to society through the development and commercialization of green environmental technologies supporting renewable and prosperous lifestyles.

Specific Initiatives

To minimize environmental destruction from resource extraction, DENSO is focused on the development of alternative fuels and raw materials utilizing biological resources that carefully take biodiversity into account, including the commercialization of a plant-derived plastic radiator tank, businesses that make use of algae, and expanding research on biofuels.

We also promote the development of agricultural support businesses and food transport systems utilizing automotive air-conditioning technologies.

  • Bio (Micro Algae)

    • Bio (Micro Algae)

    We contribute to preservation of the global environment by utilizing an efficient algae cultivation process for CO2 absorption and by producing biofuel as an alternative to fossil fuels.

  • Agricultural Support

    • Agricultural Support

    We contribute to more efficient and stable vegetable cultivation and improved agricultural competitiveness, utilizing greenhouse environment control systems and energy conservation technologies.

  • Bio (Micro Algae)

    • Bio (Micro Algae)

    We contribute to safety and assurance in food transport and supply from production to consumption through energy-saving cooling and freezing technology as well as traceability management.

Development of a CO2 Circulation Plant

With the aim of achieving net-zero CO2 emissions from our plants, we are moving forward with the development to a CO2 circulation plant designed to capture and recycle CO2. In April 2021, we established demonstration equipment for such a plant inside the Electrification Innovation Center at the Anjo Plant and subsequently commenced a verification test.

The CO2 circulation plant is designed to capture CO2 primarily generated by the plant and recycle it as an energy source for the facility and for other uses. In the process, we have verified that the plant synthesizes methane, which is made from CO2 emitted by gas-fueled equipment, and hydrogen, which is produced by renewable electricity, and reused as a source of energy.

The CO2 circulation cycle of the demonstration equipment will be applied not only to the production facilities of DENSO but also to manufacturing sites in the world with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality.

Note: The technology used in this initiative was developed jointly with Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc.

    • Overview of the system

      Overview of the system

    • plant

      View from inside the plant

Video of DENSO CO2 circulation plant