Environmental and Social Contribution Action

Basic Stance

If each of DENSO’s nearly 170,000 employees act with careful consideration for nature, we would be able to make a significant contribution toward the resolution of environmental problems. We recommend eco-friendly manufacturing within our business activities and engage in environmental conservation activities in local communities as a corporate citizen.

Specific Initiatives

(1) Global Environmental Event Promotion

Each year on World Environment Day (June 5), DENSO promotes tree-planting and regional beautification activities as part of the shared global theme “Green and Clean Action.”

  • Global Environmental Event Promotion

(2) Cooperation with Society

DENSO cooperates with regional citizens, governments, NPOs, and other organizations to provide opportunities to consider and experience the importance of the environment and connect the rich abundance of regional nature with the next generation.

    • Activities to Protect Loggerhead Turtles (DENSO CORPORATION: Toyohashi Plant, Japan)

    Activities to Protect Loggerhead Turtles (DENSO CORPORATION: Toyohashi Plant, Japan)

    Since 2007, DENSO has partnered with the NPO Omotehama Network to protect the environment along the Omotehama coast, an egg-laying area for loggerhead turtles, which are an endangered species.

    • Mangrove Planting (DNMY: Malaysia)

    Mangrove Planting (DNMY: Malaysia)

    DENSO cooperates with the NGO Malaysia Nature Society to engage in mangrove-planting activities aimed at fostering an awareness of environmental and forest conservation through the personal experiences of those involved in these activities.

    • Next-Generation Environmental Education (DNIT: Italy)

    Next-Generation Environmental Education (DNIT: Italy)

    DENSO fosters an awareness of the environment and biodiversity among the children of employees through direct interaction with nature. Direct contact with flora, fauna, and rivers deepens an understanding of ecosystems.

All Toyota Biodiversity Preservation Activity

In cooperation with Toyota Group companies, DENSO is participating in the Green Wave Project, an activity for preserving biodiversity. We are working to expand a circle of activities that currently include cultivating forests and preserving wildlife within factory areas to involve the local community and administrative bodies.