Natural symbiotic action

Basic Stance

If each of DENSO’s nearly 170,000 employees around the world act with careful consideration for nature, we would be able to make a significant contribution toward the resolution of today’s environmental problems. We recommend eco-friendly manufacturing within our business activities and engage in environmental conservation activities in local communities as a corporate citizen.
Under the seventh phase of the Environmental Action Plan (2020–2025), we are reinforcing activities that contribute to biodiversity in order to deepen our understanding of the dangers facing biodiversity and promote conservation initiatives.

Specific Initiatives

(1) Promoting Activities That Contribute to the Global Environment

Each of our business sites around the world promote activities that contribute to the environment, such as tree planting and regional beautification activities, on a continuous basis.

  • Global Environmental Event Promotion

(2) Reinforcing Activities That Contribute to Biodiversity

As our way of living and DENSO’s business activities are supported by the blessings of nature created from biodiversity, we believe it is important to promote business activities in a manner that strikes a balance with the conservation of biodiversity.
To that end, we are promoting the conservation of the natural environment, which creates biodiversity, through our business activities from such efforts as responding to climate change, preventing environmental pollution, alleviating resource depletion, and promoting resource recycling. At the same time, by educating our employees on biodiversity and working together with local communities, we are engaged in the maintenance and preservation of ecosystems.
Under the seventh phase of the Environmental Action Plan, we are focusing our attention on activities such as water area conservation, forest and woodland conservation, and tree planting and tree cultivation.
In this section, we provide examples of activities we are pursuing in each country and region to resolve biodiversity-related issues.

1. Water Conservation Activities

With the participation of our employees and in collaboration with local communities, we are engaging in activities to preserve the biodiversity of water areas near company offices and of major water areas in each country and region of operation.

For example, at the Toyohashi Plant of DENSO CORPORATION, we have been partnering with the NPO Omotehama Network since 2007 to promote environmental conservation activities along the Omotehama coast, an egg-laying area for loggerhead turtles, which are an endangered species.

In addition, at our business sites across the globe, we are pursuing environmental conservation and beautification activities for water areas inhabited by wildlife.

    • Activities to Protect Loggerhead Turtles (DENSO CORPORATION: Toyohashi Plant, Japan)

    Activities to Protect Loggerhead Turtles
    (DENSO CORPORATION: Toyohashi Plant, Japan)

    • green03-img-DNKR

    River beautification activities to preserve biodiversity
    (DNKR : South Korea)

    • green03-img-DNTW

    Coastal clean-up activities to protect biodiversity from environmental pollution
    (DNTW: Taiwan)

    • green03-img-DTPH

    Water area conservation activities along Manila Bay and the Pasig River
    (DTPH: Philippines)

2. Forest and Woodland Conservation Activities

In Japan, a country with an abundance of forests, preserving healthy forests and woodlands is an essential part in maintaining biodiversity. To that end, a large number of DENSO employees participate earnestly in forest and woodland conservation activities together with local community members.

    • denso yamagata

    “Tendo Mystery Forest” conservation event (DENSO FA Yamagata)
    Employees of DENSO FA Yamagata Co., Ltd., participate in the “Tendo Mystery Forest” conservation event and conduct activities to maintain designated forests within Teno City, where the company is located.

    • denso iwate

    “Ihatov Star Forest” activity (DENSO Iwate)
    Employees of DENSO IWATE CORPORATION take part in the “Ihatov Star Forest” activity, in which employees and their families volunteer twice a year to conduct maintenance activities at Senganishi Forest Park, an area that provides water resources used at the DENSO Iwate Plant and helps absorb local CO2 emissions.

    • denso iwate

    Activities to protect the native habitat of pincushion flowers (DENSO Iwate)
    DENSO IWATE employees participate in activities to protect the native habitat of pincushion flowers, which are designated as an A-rank species within the Iwate Prefecture Red Data Book, with the aim of protecting rare plant life that inhabits woodland areas.


“Water Resource Forestation Project ” (DENSO UNITY SERVICE CORPORATION)
At DENSO UNITY SERVICE CORPORATION, we have been promoting the “Water Resource Forestation Project” every year since 2005 in the Asuke District of Toyota City, an area that provides vital water resources for Aichi Prefecture. Through this project, we not only conduct tree-thinning and tree-planting activities but also create nature hiking and handicraft courses that people can enjoy with their families. In these ways, we are engaging in forest


The DENSO Green Project

With the aim of restoring biodiverse ecosystems and conserving forests, local communities have been working together with DENSO employees, their families, and NPOs since 2006 to promote the DENSO Green Project, which includes tree-thinning activities and events to experience nature.
By June 2023, we had held 60 events and activities attended by 9,117 volunteers, including local residents, employees of DENSO CORPORATION and domestic Group companies, and their families.

    • The DENSO Green Project
    • The DENSO Green Project
    • The DENSO Green Project

Tree-thinning activities and events to experience nature in the woodland area surrounding the Nukata Test Course

3. Tree-Planting and Tree-Raising Activities

The destruction of forests is a significant global issue, and we are therefore making worldwide efforts to restore forests in order to protect biodiversity.

We have been participating in tree-planting activities in numerous countries around the world, including Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy in Europe; Brazil in South America; and Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and South Korea in Asia. For example, at DNPH in the Philippines, we took part in the “Mount Making Tree Planting” project, in which we conducted tree-planting activities while reviewing documents to confirm the progress of tree growth and recording important growth milestones. In Thailand and Malaysia, a large number of DENSO employees have participated in tree-planting activities to protect mangrove forests along coastlines.

    • green03-img-mangrove-planting

    Mangrove tree planting
    (DNMY: Malaysia)

    • SDM & SKD

    Mangrove tree-planting activities in Thailand
    (SDM & SKD: Thailand)

    • SDM & SKD

    The Royal Tree Planting Activity
    (SDM & SKD: Thailand)

    • DNPH

    Mount Making Tree Planting
    (DNPH: Philippines)

    • DIAS

    Plant a Tree Project
    (DIAS: Singapore)

    • DIIN

    Tree-planting activities
    (DIIN: India)

    • DIIN

    Tree-planting activities
    (DNIN: India)

    • DMBR

    Tree-planting activities
    (DMBR: Brazil)

  • DNIN

"Vertical Garden" by Recycling Plastic Bottles [DNIN]
A “vertical garden” created using plastic bottles (DENSO International India Pvt. Ltd.)

    • DNDE

    Tree-Planting Activity in World Forest
    (DNDE: Germany)

    • Denso Marston

    DENSO Marston Nature Reserve Tree Planting
    (DENSO Marston: United Kingdom)

(3) All Toyota Biodiversity Preservation Activity

In cooperation with Toyota Group companies, DENSO is participating in the Green Wave Project, an activity for preserving biodiversity. We are working to expand a circle of activities that currently include cultivating forests and preserving wildlife within factory areas to involve the local community and administrative bodies.

Topic: DENSO Joins the 30 by 30 Alliance for Biodiversity

DENSO endorses the “30 by 30” initiative and has joined the 30 by 30 Alliance for Biodiversity.
30 by 30 is a target to effectively conserve at least 30 percent of the planet’s land and ocean to curb biodiversity loss and restore healthy ecosystems by 2030. Since 2006, DENSO has been actively carrying out greening activities not only on the premises of the Company’s business sites but also in the surrounding areas and in fields around expressways where automobiles are used, as well as conducting training to improve employees’ environmental awareness centered on the theme of conserving biodiversity.
We will continue to contribute to the development of a sustainable society through our participation in the 30 by 30 Alliance for Biodiversity and by leveraging the years of experience and knowledge we have cultivated in promoting biodiversity conservation.

  • 30by30

Topic: Contributing to Biodiversity Using DENSO Technologies
Iriomote Island yuriCargo Project—Aiming to Reduce Fatalities of the Endangered Iriomote Wildcat Caused by Vehicle Traffic

  • iriomote cat

    Photo provided by the Iriomote Wildlife Conservation Center of the Ministry of the Environment

The Iriomote wildcat (found on Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture) is currently designated as an endangered species, with only around 100 remaining, and vehicles represent the greatest threat to this animal. For quite some time, there has been a high number of Iriomote wildcat fatalities caused by vehicle traffic, and this has become a serious issue.
In cooperation with the Iriomote Wildlife Conservation Center of the Ministry of the Environment, we are promoting the Iriomote Island yuriCargo Project, which aims to eliminate fatalities of the endangered Iriomote wildcat caused by vehicle traffic. To that end, this project utilizes the yuriCargo smartphone app, offered by DENSO, which makes use of information to provide drivers with a score on their driving, in order to enhance the safety awareness of drivers on Iriomote Island and encourage them to rigorously obey the speed limit.
Specifically, the yuriCargo app evaluates driving performance after the driver finishes driving and provides a score, detecting driver behavior such as sudden application of brakes, abrupt steering, sudden acceleration, and speeding. Every month, drivers who have demonstrated a strong awareness of safety are issued an “excellent driver certification” via the app, which can be used to receive various perks. In addition, driver data acquired from the yuriCargo app is used to visualize the status of speeding on the island and examine the development of safety measures, including the dissemination of safety information, thereby helping to reduce traffic accidents.
Note: The project runs from May 17, 2023 to March 31, 2024.