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Special Feature 2 Aftermarket & New Business Delivering New Products and Technologies in a Timely Manner with the Needs of Customers and the Market Uppermost in Our Mind

In the aftermarket and new business fields, DENSO provides products and services to solve wide-ranging social issues from the points of view of social and end-user needs. The Company also plans to expand its business domains by engaging in strategic M&A activities and developing emerging markets. Sales expansion in the aftermarket and new business fields will be linked to the realization of a business structure that is less susceptible to the changing trends in vehicle sales.

We will engage in business expansion after having adopted a system that integrated Sales and Business Planning Department into a single group. It was with business expansion in mind that we established the Aftermarket, Fleet and New Business Group, our fifth business unit, in January 2015.

In addition to expanding our product lineup in the aftermarket business, we will engage in the creation of systems that will be reliable and convenient for users to utilize by proposing services capable of quickly responding to a cycle of requirements, from automobile diagnosis and repair to preventive maintenance.

In the new business field, we have thus far launched businesses in six fields, including microgrids, security, and agriculture support systems. In the years to come, we will not only sell stand-alone products but also draw up sales strategies and create sales systems with a view to enhancing our solution sales capabilities that assist in solving end-user issues. From the current fiscal year, we will promote field tests in the traffic infrastructure field to assist in reducing the number of traffic accidents.

Business fields Initiatives
Spare parts ・Expand business to developing countries
・Widen range of products
・Accomplish cost competitiveness by becoming "Global Supplier of choice"
Accessories ・Focus on important field (Security and safety, environment, IVI)
Service ・Diagnosis for highly integrated products market / repair machine lineup and global sales expansion
New business ・Strengthen sales structure and organization to expand solution business