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Development and production of semiconductor sensors, microelectronic devices including ICs (integrated circuits), and electronic products including engine control computers

Results for Fiscal 2015 and Growth Strategies

  FY2015 FY2014 Change YoY
Revenue (Billions of yen) 373.2 382.8 -2.5%

In fiscal 2015, overall revenues decreased. Despite an increase in sales of various sensors and controllers on the back of the growing trend toward electronically controlled devices, this downturn was largely attributable to a decrease in vehicle production in Japan.

Amid the accelerating pace of in-car electronic installations, we will undertake the further standardization of platforms in the development process to enable us to respond to wide-ranging demand. We will also contribute to the development of groundbreaking new products in the environmental, safety, and security fields. For example, we are making progress with the development of an electronic control unit (ECU) that contributes to improved fuel economy by electronically controlling, to a high degree of accuracy, the amount of fuel in the injectors. We will also assist in improvements in value added as well as in cost and unit size reductions by developments that include the integrated starter generator (ISG), which features modularized actuators and sensors.

We will enhance sales to our principal overseas customers and to emerging countries going forward. By strengthening our advanced technology development network in Europe in particular and also by the localization of product design in that region, we are working to set our products apart by development that has a sense of speed and the creation of regionally optimized products.

Fiscal 2015 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Developed silicon carbide (SiC) power devices for use in industrial products including hybrid and electric vehicles helping to reduce power consumption. For example, the application of SiC power devices in the inverters of hybrid vehicles considerably simplifies the cooling structure of onboard components due to lower output loss compared with conventional materials. SiC power devices can help to minimize the cubic volume of inverters to about one-fifth of their original size, further improving fuel efficiency. In addition, jointly developed SiC power devices for audio equipment with New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. in October 2014.

Business Expansion and New Companies

Established a new office in Tokyo as a part of efforts to strengthen the Company's in-vehicle integrated circuit design and development capabilities. This Tokyo office is positioned as the fourth in-vehicle integrated circuit development base behind our head office, Kota Plant, and DENSO Research Laboratories. Looking ahead, we will engage in advanced development activities in each of the environment, safety, and security fields.

Main Products

Engine ECU
Engine ECU

Electronic Products

Engine ECUs
Transmission ECUs
Power management ECUs

Semiconductor sensor (Inertia sensor)
Semiconductor sensor (Inertia sensor)

Electronic Devices

Semiconductor sensors
Integrated circuits (ICs)
Power modules