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Special Feature 3 Global Market Providing Automotive Convenience and Pleasure through the Development of Products that Match the Needs of Each Region and Promoting Efficient Production

In the global market, customer needs vary depending on the country or region. DENSO thus undertakes product development from a long-term perspective that anticipates local regulations, market trends, and competitors' circumstance. In addition, DENSO will deliver the pleasure that the convenience of a car offers to the people of even more countries by producing cost-competitive products through monozukuri production at a DANTOTSU price.

Having established technical centers in seven countries and regions worldwide, we have been strengthening our global R&D system. Having integrated sales and development functions, we will develop and propose unique products and services that are compatible with differing local needs and conditions and therefore maximize the value of the vehicles.

Amid the rapid spread of motorization in emerging countries, we are now ready to globally launch our DANTOTSU factory activities that have, up to now, been promoted primarily in Japan, to develop globally and realize efficient production to further raise our cost competiveness. While taking into account their particular circumstance and advantages—such as operational efficiency and customer response speed—we will promote our No. 1 DANTOTSU monozukuri activities in respective countries and regions as well as the characteristics of the products to be manufactured, thereby enhancing our cost competitiveness.

Global R&D Network

Region Japan North America Europe Asia & Oceania China India South America
Core T/C Head Office Michigan Germany
Shanghai Delhi Brazil
Satellite Domestic
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