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Small Motors

Development and production of windshield wiper systems, power windows, power seats, sliding doors, power steering, motors for engine control systems, and other motors

Results for Fiscal 2015 and Growth Strategies

  FY2015 FY2014 Change YoY
Revenue (Billions of yen) 302.3 286.7 5.4%

In fiscal 2015, revenue increased due to the upswing in production and sales of mainly wiper systems and power window motors in North America and Europe.

Going forward, we will place higher-value-added products on the market, such as electromechanically integrated products, featuring smart motors with modularized actuators and sensors, as well as miniaturized new products. Working on differentiation with these strategic products, we will enhance sales in North America and emerging countries.

With regard to product supply, having thus far built plants in Myanmar and India, we have been advancing the expansion of our global production network. From now on, we will install 1/N production equipment technology and enhance the management systems at local agents to build a more competitive supply system.Affiliated Company: ASMO Co., Ltd.

Fiscal 2015 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Began production of a brushless electronic water pump that cools the inverters of hybrid vehicles. In addition to lowering energy consumption by increasing pump efficiency, this new motor also accommodates the need for reduced size by adopting a structure that integrates mechanical and electronic components as well as a proprietary winding configuration. By employing a new rotor structure, positive steps have also been taken to cutback the amount of rare earth magnets used helping to offset the risks associated with resource procurement. Furthermore, the Company has achieved success in curtailing costs by applying sensor-less control of the circuit section thereby reducing the number of components.

Main Products

  • Windshield wiper systems
    Windshield washer systems
    Power window motors, seat motors
    Power sliding door motors
    Power steering motors
    Motors for engine control systems
    Other automotive motors
Windshield wiper system
Windshield wiper system
Power window motor
Power window motor