Tsuneo Ishimaru (left), Chariman, and Hiromu Okabe, President

Opening the doors to possibility

DENSO's mission is to create value that contributes to a better society. We are creating that value by opening the doors to possibility. We are making possible what some have said is impossible. Our company helps society with automobile and other components that protect our fragile environment. New and better products help open the doors to our customers' dreams. And we open employees' doors by helping each and every person perform to the best of his or her abilities.

The DENSO Vision 2005 outlines some of our goals for the new DENSO. And it gives some ideas as to how we will make good on those goals.

In 1996, Nippondenso became DENSO. We made the change to show how our company is transforming as we approach the new century. Today's DENSO is a more worldly company. Our company does business with most of the world's automakers. And we are expanding into areas other than autoparts.

DENSO is more than just a Japanese autoparts maker. Future growth in automobile demand will center in Asia, Latin America, and eastern Europe. And in longer-established markets, we must concentrate on bringing in the newest technology to make cars cleaner, safer, and more comfortable.

Our worldwide expansion will center on expanding automobile-related business. At the same time, we must seek out business in fields that better the environment and promote human interaction.

Automobile components have been, and always will be, the center of business at DENSO. And our years of experience in components that go in and around the car have opened up all new doors for us. One transportation-related project that is seeing fruition for the first time is intelligent transport systems.

Our technology also has applications other than transportation systems. We are working on products that improve our environment. And we look forward to the growth potential of information-related businesses such as telecommunication.

To expand worldwide, DENSO needs the ability to add value anyplace in the world. That means we need to create a true global management system.

For DENSO to win in an increasingly borderless world, we need to become indispensable. We need to show customers that DENSO has potential. To do that, we will demonstrate the world's highest standard of management.

DENSO is adopting world standards and rules as preconditions for doing business. We are changing our management strategies and functions, and we are reforming the constitution of the company.

We also need to create fully self-reliant operations worldwide. Each of our business operations in and outside Japan must have a specialty where it can demonstrate its importance. DENSO companies worldwide are embarking on a quest to bring out their uniqueness and value in products, community contributions, and the marketplace.

We are developing a full worldwide network of companies. DENSO is doing away with the old Japan-centered management. Our new management relies on our people reinforcing each other to bring out the potential of DENSO worldwide.

DENSO employees are the key to our success--past and future. An open corporate culture will bring out the best in our people. And it will contribute to the betterment of DENSO as a whole.

Our company has prided itself in being an organization that people can trust. We will always keep that mission in our hearts. But the way we go about it is changing. Demand for a more shareholder-oriented management is increasing. We are listening more to voices around us. Employees, customers, shareholders, and others are helping to shape DENSO's open and fair management.

As we work to implement our vision for a new DENSO--a DENSO for the year 2005--we ask that everyone involved give their best. Our company is your company. We are all working together to open the doors to possibility and create a new future with the help of DENSO people and DENSO technology.

July 1997

Tsuneo Ishimaru, Chairman of the Board

Hiromu Okabe, President