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Shaping Our Corporate Identity Through "Quality First"

Integrating Quality in all Mono-zukuri Processes
Preempting Defects
Internal Structure for Quality Assurance
A Fluid Organization Enhances the Value of Quality
Communications Link Associates for Commitment to Quality
Investing in Skilled Associates
Major Events in DENSO's History


DENSO emphasizes long-term growth over short-term earnings. Fostering relationships of trust with customers assists in achieving long-term growth. And quality is the driving force that promotes customer trust and spurs higher earnings. That's why we emphasize "Quality First" thinking in all aspects of operations.
DENSO is also characterized by a concept we call mono-zukuri, the process of making (zukuri) things (mono). Mono-zukuri is team-oriented efforts that involves each step of the manufacturing process. But it is about much more than just making a product. It's about delighting customers by providing new value. Quality performance and cost savings are two aspects of this. For DENSO however, the critical element of new value is quality. Quality is at the core of mono-zukuri. And implementing "Quality First" thinking is what has made DENSO successful since its spin-off from Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., in 1949.

In 1961, just 12 years after our founding, we captured the Deming Prize, one of the world's most prestigious awards for quality control.

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