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DENSO at a Glance

A quick introduction to DENSO's key technologies and strengths, as well as environmental initiatives.

01. Scale

As a global manufacturer of automotive parts, DENSO is expanding its business operations around the world. Our DENSO employees are working in many countries and regions and working to supply products that meet the needs of customers worldwide.


DENSO supplies a wide range of products and systems as a Tier 1* supplier trusted by the world’s automobile manufacturers.

A primary supplier that supplies products directly to an automobile manufacturer.

Consolidated net sales of5.2trillion yen

Automotive parts company in terms of global sales.World’sNo.2

DENSO’s automotive parts are used in vehicles worldwide.

Worldwide sites200

Global work force of170,000

DENSO uses its global network of research, production and sales sites to supply products to customers throughout the world.

02. DNA

Continuing a legacy dating back to the company’s founding, the DNA of DENSO has driven us to embrace change without fear, to confront and overcome every challenge, and to create new products and technologies. This proud heritage lives on in the passionate commitment of our DENSO employees to create products which embody this passion.

R&D investment500billion yen

Innovation at DENSO is driven by our passion for development.

The World Skills Competition69awards

DENSO puts great effort into the training of the skilled workers who bring our technology to life in our products.

DENSO Muran manufacturing and technology
Idea Competition Approx.
94,000idea entries

DENSO’s DNA consists of a passion for manufacturing and advanced technology.

03. Future

The automobile industry is undergoing its biggest transformation in a century as a result of rapid evolution in many fields of technology. In this period of seismic change, DENSO's main goal is to enhance the lives of people worldwide by working to meet the future needs of society in four major areas of technology.

Driving our future4 core

04. Sustainability

DENSO’s corporate philosophy centers on a mission to contribute to a better world by actively working to solve the environmental problems affecting our global population. Through its business activities, DENSO aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by reaching this goal and help to achieve harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.

Environmental ManagementENERGY1/2CLEANx2GREENx2

We are helping to build a sustainable society through our efforts to minimize our environmental footprint.

05. DENSO around the world

Click here to visit DENSO websites for individual countries and regions.

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