Yasushi Yamanaka

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Yasushi Yamanaka
Executive Vice President
Member of the Board
DENSO Corporation

Brief personal history
Apr. 1979   Joined DENSO CORPORATION
Jun. 2005   Executive Director, DENSO CORPORATION
Jun. 2014   Senior Executive Director, DENSO CORPORATION
Jun. 2015   Executive Vice President, DENSO CORPORATION
                   (current position)

Yasushi Yamanaka is executive vice president of DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi, Japan. He is CQO (Chief Quality Officer) and CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer), oversees DENSO’s Safety, Quality, Production, General Administration & Human Resources Center and Safety, Quality & Environment Center.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yamanaka joined DENSO Corporation (formerly Nippondenso Co., Ltd.) in April 1979.

Yamanaka began his career in the Air-conditioning Engineering Division, where he developed the sub-cool system, which further cools the liquid refrigerant sent from the condenser of car air-conditioning systems. Yamanaka was promoted to General Manager of the same division in June 2002. In this position, he took the lead in developing the world’s first CO2 air-conditioning system for FCV (fuel cell vehicles) and an electric air-conditioning system for hybrid electric vehicles.

In January 2004, Yamanaka was named director of the Thermal Systems R&D Division. Throughout his career, he contributed to the development of new air-conditioning systems.

In June 2005, he was named one of DENSO’s Executive Directors where he led DENSO’s thermal business unit and helped build the foundation for future growth through organizational reform.

In June 2013, Yamanaka was appointed president and CEO of DENSO Europe B.V. He was promoted to senior Executive Director in June 2014 and Executive Vice President, Member of the Board in June 2015.

Important posts concurrently held at other corporations

Outside Director, Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.