Becoming a Group of Professionals with the Ability to Turn Ideas into Reality and Heighten Corporate Value

Kenichiro Ito : CHRO(Chief Human Resource Officer) Member of the Board of Directors, Senior Executive Officer

Wellspring of New Value: The Ability of Our People and Organization to Turn Ideas into Reality

Since its establishment in 1949, DENSO has viewed people as the most important form of management capital, focused on developing human resources, and practiced human capital-focused management that values people. We have not only concentrated on establishing healthy workplace environments where employees can work with peace of mind over the long term but also on encouraging employees to continue their growth through the pursuit of challenging targets. These efforts have given us the ability to create entirely novel things and to formulate solutions to intractable problems. In other words, we have the ability to turn ideas into reality, and this is the source of our competitiveness.

In creating new value going forward—as the drive toward carbon neutrality and other trends significantly reshape the business landscape—the ability of our people and organization to turn ideas into reality will be more critical than ever. We can continue to grow as a “group of professionals with the ability to turn ideas into reality” by maintaining close relationships between employees and management and between subordinates and supervisors, by exchanging frank opinions, by enabling individual employees to excel and pursue new personal bests, and by realizing mutual improvement and teamwork.

Above all, the driving forces behind the implementation of human capital-focused management are an uninhibited, vibrant workplace culture—which has developed thanks to mutual trust between labor and management—and the DENSO Spirit, which provides our employees with action guidelines. To mark our 75th anniversary in 2024, we aim to redouble efforts to pass on our human capital-related strengths through a compilation of accounts of our history in each region worldwide and through the holding of DENSO Culture Day in which employees from various countries and regions share and discuss DENSO Culture.

As a group of professionals who work to benefit everyone in society, achieve solutions, and realize their own dreams and aspirations, we will forge ahead to build a company that resonates with local communities and to create value that delights customers.