Bonds Information

Basic information on DENSO-issued corporate bonds, and other information such as credit ratings

JPY-denominated Straight Bonds

Series 13 Unsecured Straight Bonds Series 15 Unsecured Straight Bonds Series 17 Unsecured Straight Bonds
Issued Date 8-Sep-16 8-Jun-17 26-Apr-18
Amount of Issue 20,000 million yen 40,000 million yen 20,000 million yen
Redemption 18-Sep-26 18-Jun-27 19-Mar-25
Interest Rate 0.135% 0.245% 0.180%
Series 18 Unsecured Straight Bonds Series 19 Unsecured Straight Bonds  
Issued Date 26-Apr-18 20-Nov-20
Amount of Issue 40,000 million yen 50,000 million yen
Redemption 17-Mar-28 20-Nov-23
Interest Rate 0.315% 0.001%

USD-denominated Straight Bonds

Framework and Report

  Due 2026 USD-denominated Straight Bonds
(Sustainability Bonds)
Issued Date 16-Sep-21
Amount of Issue USD 500 million
Maturity Date 16-Sep-26
Interest Rate 1.239%

Bonds Rating of DENSO

Long-term Short-term
Standard&Poor's A+ A-1
Moody's A2
Rating&Investment Information AAA a-1+