In recent years, the planet has been affected by more frequent abnormal weather due to climate change. To address this situation, the Paris Agreement, which was adopted in 2015, called for efforts to limit the average rise in global temperatures to less than two degrees from the start of the Industrial Revolution. As a long-term target, the agreement called for essentially zero emissions of greenhouse gases due to human activity. Companies are being called on to engage in environmental activities based on this long-term perspective.

DENSO formulates its Eco Vision every 10 years as a long-term commitment toward environmental management and policies pursued by the Group. Furthermore, an Environmental Action Plan is formulated every five years to embody the commitments and environmental policies established in the Eco Vision.

Target State

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DENSO EcoVision 2025

DENSO formulated Eco Vision 2025 as a new action plan for 2025, which is the midway point toward its goal of realizing sustainable communities and societies by 2050.

Three Goals to Achieve "Target 3"

Taking into account the changes in our external environment, we have also established additional targets to be reached by 2025: ENERGY 1/2, CLEAN x 2, and GREEN x 2, known as “Target 3”.


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Unless additional measures to curtail greenhouse gases are put in place, there exists a concern that the rise in average global temperatures by 2,100 could have a serious worldwide impact. To curtail global warming, we are being called on to reduce CO2 emissions. DENSO aims to halve CO2 emissions through technologies that resolve global warming, energy, and resource issues.


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The speed of resource consumption is increasing in line with global population growth, economic expansion, and the pursuit of greater convenience. It we continue in this vein, resources will be depleted and large-scale consumption will result in greater waste that will pollute the environment unless it is processed.


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Protecting our abundance of forests and natural surroundings is an essential part of achieving symbiosis between people and nature. However, around the world the amount of forest is declining, habitats of a variety of creatures are being divided, and biodiversity is being lost. DENSO is working to augment vehicle fuel performance, engage in greening around factories and in local communities, and encourage environmental awareness among its employees.

Specific actions to achieve goals "Action 10"

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