Workplaces Surrounded by Greenery and an Abundance of Nature

Basic Stance

Biodiversity refers to the rich individuality of all living things on earth and the connection between various life forms. Our way of living is supported by the blessings of nature created from biodiversity.

By educating itself on biodiversity and working together with local communities, DENSO is engaged in the maintenance and preservation of ecosystems. Moreover, we will continue to promote the creation of workplaces surrounded by greenery and an abundance of nature through tree planting and acquiring natural planting techniques* centered on saplings.

* Natural planting techniques involve creating and maintaining greenery while drawing on the diverse and abundant potential of nature.

Specific Initiatives

(1) Protecting Locally Endemic Biodiversity and Rare Animal and Plant Life at Work Sites

Our factories worldwide implement activities befitting regional characteristics to protect locally endemic biodiversity and rare animal and plant life that include monitoring, surveying and establishing bird sanctuaries.

    • Eco Garden (DMUK: UK)

    Eco Garden (DMUK: UK)

    Since the Eco Garden opened in September 2011, it has provided a space for local people to engage in environmental activities, such as planting trees and setting up student-made bird nests. It is also a place where employees can come to relax and view a variety of wild animals.

    • Wild Flower Garden (DMMI: United States)

    Wild Flower Garden (DMMI: United States)

    DMMI established a Wildlife Conservation Committee in 1998. The company continues to carry out activities with regard to conserving rare plant species at the on-site Wild Flower Garden (approximately 400m2 ) and building nest boxes to support the breeding of bluebirds in the Muscicapidae family.

    • Biotope (DENSO CORPORATION: Japan)

    Biotope (DENSO CORPORATION: Japan)

    When Pseudorasbora pumila subsp., an endangered species of freshwater fish, was discovered in 1998, the Zenmyo Plant took the opportunity to build a biotope (approximately 3,000m2) and is now creating a mountain lowland ecosystem for spot-billed ducks. In addition, efforts are being made to breed killifish and bring back the local takanata butterfly at the Takatana Plant’s biotope (1,500m2 area), which was built with the cooperation of local elementary school students in 2004.

    • Biotope (DNIN: India)

    Biotope (DNIN: India)

    Since the Eco Park opened in 2004, every year senior management conducts environmental events and family days, and plants fruit trees and other medicinal plants with enployees' familiy. The garden also produces mulch, among other eco-friendly activities.

Main Rare Animal and Plant Life in the Vicinity of Work Sites [DENSO CORPORATION and domestic Group companies]
Work Site Animals/Plants Category
Zenmyo Plant
(Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture)

Pseudorasbora pumila subsp.
(freshwater fish)

[CR: Critically Endangered]
(assigned by the Ministry of the Environment)

Daian Plant
(Inabe City, Mie Prefecture)

Tanakia limbata
(freshwater fish)

[NT: Near Threatened]
(assigned by the Ministry of the Environment)

Abashiri Test Center
(Abashiri City, Hokkaido Prefecture)

Hynobius retardatus

[DD: Data Deficient Type 1]
(assigned by the Ministry of the Environment)

Paeonia obovata
(seed plant)

[VU: Vulnerable II]
(assigned by the Ministry of the Environment)

(2) The DENSO Green Project

Employee volunteer and environmental conservation activities based on cooperation with local communities

The DENSO Group has been working with local communities to promote the DENSO Green Project since 2006 with the goal of restoring ecosystems inhabited by a variety of plant and animal life and preserving forested land. Under this project, employees, their families, and members of NPOs cooperate together in such activities as thinning and pruning trees and hosting events that offer hands-on experiences with nature.

Green Project in Nukata District

    • green02-img-project-001
    • green02-img-project-002
    • green02-img-project-003

(3) Creating Factories and Offices Surrounded by Greenery

Promoting indoor, by-hand greenification activities in which anyone can participate

    • green02-img-project-004
    • green02-img-project-005

Up until June 2021, these activities had been carried out a total of 57 times. A total of 8,796 volunteers, including local residents as well as employees of DENSO CORPORATION and Group companies and their families, have participated.

Topics: DENSO Wins Director-General of the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Award in the fiscal 2021 Excellent Greening Factory Awards (Nishio Plant)

    • green02-img-project-006
    • green02-img-project-007

Following up on Daian Plant’s receipt of the Chairperson’s Award of the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center in the fiscal 2020 Factory Greening Award Program, the Nishio Plant won the Director-General of the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Award in the fiscal 2021 Excellent Greening Factory Awards. The Nishio Plant promotes efforts to realize DENSO Eco Vision 2025 and create green spaces based on its greenification policy. The plant also works with local community members to undertake weeding activities and host hydrangea viewing parties. The activities of the Nishio Plant helped DENSO become recognized as a “company that supports the flower kingdom of Aichi” by the Aichi Prefectural government in March 2017.