Message from the President

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To deliver a better future to the next generation, we will reconfirm our significance to society and accelerate efforts toward sustainability management, which has acted as our management ideology since our inception.

To overcome these challenging circumstances in which the business environment is rapidly changing and to realize sustainable growth as a company needed by society, I truly believe in the importance of returning to our founding spirit and promoting our daily business activities while encouraging all 170,000 DENSO Group employees around the world to consider how they can contribute to society through their work. Accordingly, since our inception, we have been resolving social issues by providing eco-friendliness and safety in the automobile domain. To make this long-adopted approach clearer, we have been promoting sustainability management since 2018.

At DENSO, sustainability management means that we contribute to the resolution of social issues through our businesses while securing a profit. To that extent, we have established material issues (Materiality) that include 16 themes in the areas of green, peace of mind, and corporate foundation. For example, we are promoting a broad range of initiatives to achieve the targets we have set for the issues of preventing global warming and reducing traffic accidents.

Our approach to sustainability management shares the same intention as the DENSO Creed, and this approach represents the core of our management that we have inherited since our founding and provides us with the driving force for growth.

Accordingly, I believe that sustainability management has always been a part of DENSO’s DNA. Having our employees consider how they can contribute to the resolution of social issues through their day-to-day work and act accordingly is, in itself, the implementation of sustainability management—and I believe that these kinds of employees will become an engine driving change in society. With this in mind, we are promoting various initiatives to ensure that all employees can talk about sustainability management in their own words and carry out such management in their actions. By doing so, I will undertake efforts toward sustainability management leveraging the comprehensive strengths of all 170,000 DENSO Group employees.

I would like to ask our stakeholders for their continued support as we pursue these endeavors going forward.

October 2019

Koji Arima
President & CEO