Power Control Unit

DENSO developed the Power Control Unit (PCU) for use in motor-driven hybrid and electric vehicles. This highly efficient PCU consists of three components: an inverter to power the motor, a boost converter to increase voltage, and a DCDC converter to lower voltage. During acceleration, the PCU coverts a battery’s electric power from DC to AC and then supplies power to the motor. During deceleration, it converts electric power from AC to DC to recover the regenerated electric power.


High Power With Double-sided Cooling

An inverter in the PCU converts a DC current into an AC current and vice versa to drive the motor and to recover the regenerated electric power. DENSO’s newly developed double-sided cooling technology prevents temperature increases in the power semiconductor which converts the current. DENSO also has successfully enhanced the electric power density (output per unit volume), reducing both its size and its weight.


  • Double-sided Cooler

Double-sided Cooler

DENSO’s high-performance double-sided cooler takes full advantage of technology that has been perfected in radiators. Coolers and power cards (module featuring semiconductor power device) are stacked alternately. This 'double-sided cooling' is more efficient than single-sided cooling because of increased heat radiation and lower thermal resistance.