Power-train Systems
Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle ( Diesel )​

Produces clean exhaust with the innovative i-ART-based common rail system and SCR control/DPF regeneration control, reliably eliminating hazardous materials and realizing both low fuel consumption and low emission.

Intake Air Systems

Sends the necessary amount of air to the engine combustion chamber, improving combustion efficiency with its high precision, response, and reliability.

Fuel Injection and Control Systems

Injects super-high pressure fuel in multiple stages. The employed i-ART increases accuracy, to realize further improvements in fuel economy and clean emission.

Exhaust Gas Systems

Accurately detects exhaust gas components and temperature to remove hazardous materials. The EGR control, LNT/SCR control, DPF regeneration control realize clean emission.

Fuel Systems

Supplies the engine with fuel from the fuel tank. Optimally controlling the fuel pump rotation improves fuel economy.

Products of Starting

This engine start system also supports start-stop vehicles, thus improving fuel efficiency.

Products of Generating

Generates electricity by engine power. DENSO's proprietary coil winding technology has increased generation efficiency, improving fuel economy.

Products of Power Supply

Supplies the power to electrical devices, improving fuel consumption by charging regenerated power to the battery.

Driving Systems

Controls the oil pressure of the transmission as well as the shift operation, improving safety and fuel economy with high reliability and precision.

Fuel Injection and Control Systems for Medium and Large size Vehicle

Injects super-high pressure fuel in multiple stages. The system supports middle to large-sized vehicles, to realize energy-saving, clean exhaust, and low noise.

Other Products