Refrigerator Monitoring Service “D-FAMS”

Ensuring cooling condition from remote locations

  • "D-FAMS*" enables remote monitor and management of refrigerating unit on trucks by analyzing its operating status.

  • By remote monitoring of data, administrators will not need to contact drivers for operation condition, leading to stable operation.

  • Prevent the trouble of not being able to use the trucks due to unavailablilty of repair service when unexpected failure or abnormal condition is confirmed, by detecting the signs of trouble of refrigerator to enable scheduled maintenance or repair.

  • Periodic maintenance will prevent quality issue of products being transported by the truck in case of sudden refrigerator failure during delivery as well as assuring the trust from customers.

*<D-FAMS> is registered trademark of DENSO corporation in Japan
D-FAMS is being developed by Food Value Chain Biz Development Division in Japan

Product configuration

Components Refrigerator unit Additional parts (Optional)
DENSO-made, new or existing refrigerator*1
・Data logger

・On-board communication equipment
Collectable data Internal temperature of refrigerator, location information, operating information, sensor values, refrigerator operation time, diagnostic information

*1 This service is available for 24-V vehicles equipped with a DENSO-made refrigerator, except for some old units. For old units or refrigerators manufactured by other companies, 12-V vehicles, please contact the sales company.

Image of service

  • Step 1

    Operating status of refrigerators will be stored on a cloud server live.

  • Step 2

    Stored data will be analyzed, and with any sign of a problem being detected, details will be sent to the Refrigerator Service Center.

  • Step 3

    The Refrigerator Service Center relays information of occuring issue to the operation manager 24/7 to enable timely repair and maintenance of the refrigerator.