Our Values

A Culture of Creativity and Collaboration

Over 65 years of experience have shaped DENSO’s values and beliefs. We call these principles the DENSO Spirit, which is built on three core pillars and nine elements. Driven by the DENSO Spirit, we seek the foresight to pioneer innovative solutions, the credibility that leading quality earns, and the collaboration to bring out the full potential of every employee. 


1. Vision
Set clear targets by anticipating future needs.

2. Creativity
Pursue multiple solutions with new flexible ideas.

3. Challenge
Set high aspirations and persevere until you succeed.


1. Quality First
Prevent all defects and ensure the best quality for customers.

2. On-site Verification
Verify problems on site and solve them based on the facts.

3. Kaizen
Never be satisfied. Continuously strive for improvements.


1. Communication
Talk with people and strive to understand their viewpoint.

2. Teamwork
Share goals and cooperate with enthusiasm and respect.

3. Human Development
Achieve your potential and support others’ growth.