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DENSO Efficient Driving (Eco-driving)

DENSO envisions a future in which drivers can feel the joy of driving, while also being environmentally conscious. DENSO is committed to making vehicles more eco-friendly through electrification and giving drivers greater freedom of mobility.

DENSO's Solutions for Efficient Driving

Further electrification will increase the consumption of electricity. DENSO will constantly improve its energy-saving technologies refined over the decades to foster electrification of mobility throughout society. As a total supplier of automotive components, DENSO will integrally manage electric, kinetic, and thermal energy so that people can drive as they wish while maximizing energy efficiency.

Vehicle Performance×Environmental Performance

DENSO Efficient Driving

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DENSO Automated Driving

DENSO envisions a future in which automated driving enables everyone to travel safely and freely. DENSO will continue to deliver safety and reliability, as the use of automated driving technologies continues to increase.

DENSO’s Solutions for Automated Driving

DENSO is constantly improving its sensing technologies, artificial intelligence, and information and communication technologies to contribute to the development of automated driving technologies. DENSO remains committed to developing the highest quality solutions to ensure the safety of mobility in the future.

Safety & Peace of Mind × Freedom of Transportation

DENSO Automated Driving

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DENSO Connected Driving

DENSO envisions a future in which vehicles are connected with the world around them. DENSO will build a core platform for connectivity to securely link new services with vehicles and bring new traveling experiences.

DENSO's Solutions for Connected Driving

DENSO has been developing a core platform for connectivity. The platform will help create a stream of new services and bring new traveling experiences such as automated driving and electrification. Connectivity will be accompanied by new threats. With complete dedication to safety, DENSO has been developing cybersecurity technologies to protect people and cars from the risks of hacking.

New Traveling Experience×Protection from New Threats

Core Technologies for Connected Cars

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DENSO remains committed to developing core technologies required for mobility in the future and achieving innovations to solve various social issues.