DENSO ADAS / AD Automated driving with reliability

Kazuoki Matsugatani

Kazuoki Matsugatani, Ph.D Executive Director,

Our keyword is 'Quality of Mobility (QoM)'. DENSO's technology targets at providing a vehicle with the greatest confidence, safety and comfort as a measure of mobility. For example, during the stressful traffic jam, automated driving can control the vehicle on behalf of the driver, and for drivers who enjoy driving, assistance systems help the driver to drive safely. DENSO regards the achievement of the balance between them is the essence of ADAS. Recently, many car makers and suppliers including European and American companies are focusing on the development in this field. In that move, DENSO is giving the first priority to safety. Of course, advanced technology is essential, and it shouldn't be pushy but should consider how they feel. It is our goal to have you choose a car with our technology when you drive with your family members.There is no English word for a Japanese word 'Anshin (Direct Chinese characters can be translated as 'Safe mind'.) However, Japanese engineers can share this subtle feelings it has and we are pound of that. I am sure engineers with various sense of values can work together under the common target 'Anshin', united as one. I myself had various experiences since I entered DENSO. Some developments I engaged in continued to be in a present product and achieve collision avoidance, others didn't reach a market. But I believe that all of them has become the driving force to achieve ADAS. To interact with engineers with various expertise and materialize the world-class 'Quality of Mobility'. That is my mission.

Takashi Uefuji

Takashi Uefuji Joined in 2011

My previous job was a SE at a printing company, building a credit card issuance system. I decided to work at DENSO where I can utilize my expertize and experience, and safe driving assistance and automated driving technologies can be my job field. Now I am partly in charge of planning and development of connected technology relating to automated driving. In specific terms, my job is to examine the technology to have cars cooperate with external servers and communication and convey information about obstacles and traffic jams several km ahead of the cars' present position that can't be obtained with onboard sensors. I am also planning services to provide those technologies. When vehicles have the connectivity to the external world, security issues arise. My knowledge about IT security nurtured at my previous job can play a big role here. I can proudly say that my job field isn't within the past DENSO's frame of work but the latest expansion greatly expected from home and abroad. I believe that cars in the present day is an interesting target of development where a great deal of high IT technologies are focused on. We can foresee new technologies incorporated into cars, such as personalization, by having them cooperate with smartphones in the future. At DENSO, they have a wide variety of field where engineers with experiences from outside auto industry can play various roles. The more closely cars get involved in the society, I am sure, the larger contribution we can make. I am determined to construct a system that connects cars to the society to achieve a comfortable and safe mobility for people.

Shunpei Suzuki Joined in 2012

My major research in my university days was optics, and I engaged in the development of medical-usage cell analyzers at a major home appliance maker. Medical instruments detect diseases to save lives, however I believed that safe driving technology can save more because it prevents potential accidents by detecting dangerous situations. DENSO offered a chance to utilize my former experiences, so I made a decision to join. At present, my job is to design and develop LIDAR, which is one of the onboard sensors to recognize vehicle surroundings. LIDAR works with light, and is strong in detecting the distance and angle to the target with great accuracy compared with cameras and millimeter-wave radar. However, the cost is its disadvantage so, miniaturization and cost reduction is the target of its design and development. This technology is indispensible to the achievement of automated driving, and I am pretty much pound of engaging in the development of an innovative field for DENSO. Furthermore, as the optical design isn't DENSO's scope of technology in the past, it is appealing to me to work with fellow engineers who came to DENSO from other industrial fields, and play an important role. If we can successfully realize miniaturized and inexpensive LIDAR, not only luxury vehicles but also low-end models can have advanced technology, which will expand automated driving systems at a blast. The technology I am now working with may drastically change the course of the world. That excitement is the driving force for me to go for a next challenge.